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BOOA Ransomware – Prevention and Protection Tips


BOOA ransomware is a malicious file-encrypting parasite that belongs to the famous Djvu ransomware family. If you’re seeing a .booa extension at the end of all your file names (e.g., images, music videos, or other documents), then it means your computer is infected with ransomware-type infection. However, since you are here reading this article, you have a chance to delete BOOA ransomware before it causes more damage to your system, especially to your valuable data. Read on to know more.

What is BOOA Ransomware?

BOOA is a malicious ransomware-type program designed to secretly infiltrate the targeted system without the knowledge of its owners and encrypt the stored files with the help of strong RSA-2048 coding algorithms.

As soon as the ransomware is done with encrypting files, it creates ransom-demanding notes with instructions on how to pay money (particularly, Bitcoins) for the alleged restoration of data.

An important point to remember here is that paying the demanded ransom money does not give any assurance that the creators of BOOA developers will send a decryption key to unlock the data. In other words, if you choose to pay the money, there’s always a risk that you might end up being a victim of blackmail or extortion scam.

Therefore, it is not suggested to transfer money into the accounts of ransomware developers and recover files by restoring them from an external backup. Unluckily, it is the only way to get your files back as there is no third-party BOOA ransomware decryption tools/software available, at least not at the present time. 

It is worth reminding that already installed ransomware-type programs like BOOA can be prevented from causing any possible further harm by uninstalling it from an affected device. Nevertheless, files and documents that are already compromised remain inaccessible even after the removal of ransomware from your computer.

How to Protect Yourself against Ransomware Infections?

Prevention is better than cure. Why catch a ransomware infection when you can keep it away from your valuable data? Hence, follow the below-mentioned tips and all other internet safety rules to protect yourself online.

  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or email attachments.
  • Enable your pop-up blocker.
  • Keep your operating system and other software applications up-to-date.
  • Avoid downloading freeware from untrustworthy websites.
  • Take a backup of your important data on a regular basis.
  • Download/install software only from official web pages or developers.
  • Install a dedicated antivirus/anti-malware software on your computer.
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