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Important Security Tips to Prevent Data Manipulation Attacks

data manipulation attacks

Data Manipulation attacks are increasing at a skyrocketing rate with healthcare, financial, and government data being its main targets. Such attacks are designed to steal health, education, financial and professional records at organization levels. 

Apart from this, technology, production, and defense departments are also on its constant radar for their valuable equities. 

Let’s take a look at an example to understand it better.

Hypothesis: Say the criminals can breach the IT system of Toyota and manipulate the data. This will lead to a sudden creation of panic in the stock market leading to a fall in the share price of the stocks of Toyota. Moved by the market sentiments shareholders will start selling their share to avoid losses which further leads to huge company losses. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Data Manipulation Attack?

  • To earn money by manipulating the financial records of a company.
  • It aims at causing significant damages to enterprise-level organizations, government departments, and large businesses.
  • To cause financial, legal, and reputation damages on both individual and organizational levels. 

Ways to Prevent Data Manipulation Attacks

Here are some simple ways that will help you prevent Data Manipulation Attacks.

  1. Integrity Checking

Checking the overall integrity of the data is one major thing that can help you avoid data manipulation attacks. Big organizations have multiple hashing checks in place that ensure that the full integrity of the data is maintained while the restoration of data. 

2. Endpoint Visibility

Organizations should have in place procedures that will help identify endpoints, which means if at all a hacker can bypass the system, the IT department should be able to recognize what data they are targeting. In a nutshell, it means following the forensic footsteps to identify the target areas.

3. File Integrity Monitoring Solutions

This means that an organization should follow proper standards that will help them to identify real-time changes and alterations to their data and track them down to avoid further losses.

4. Implementing Encryption

Implementing data encryption can also turn out to be an effective way to combat data manipulation attacks. 

The consequences of a Data Manipulation attack are highly disastrous and should be avoided at any cost. Be fully prepared to fight against this deadly digital threat to limit its overall impact.

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