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How to Remove ‘Delta Team’ Ransomware – Security Tips


If you believe your computer is infected with the Delta Team ransomware, read this guide carefully to learn how to remove this virus and restore your compromised data.

Delta Team is a file-encrypting virus. This perilous virus comes from the Dharma ransomware family. It is mainly designed and distributed by cyber crooks with an aim to lock all personal and important files found on the victimized system. In simple words, this devastating computer virus makes the stored data completely unusable through encryption and then demands a certain amount of ransom money in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency for the decryption tool.

Like as other ransomware variants, it uses strong cryptographic algorithms (symmetric or asymmetric) to encrypt various kind of file types, including .jpg, .png, .docx, .pdf, .xls and so on.

What is Delta Team Ransomware?

Delta Team is the name of a file-encrypting ransomware infection that mainly targets Windows computers. After getting installed on the targeted device, this hazardous crypto-malware runs its built-in encryption mechanism over all personal and system files and prevents victims from accessing such files. 

Moreover, it renames the encrypted files by appending the “.deltapaymentbitcoin@gmail.com” extension to their original filenames. For instance, it renames a file originally named “1.jpg” to “1.jpg.deltapaymentbitcoin@gmail.com”, “2.jpg” to “2.jpg.deltapaymentbitcoin@gmail.com”, and so forth. 

Just after finishing the file locking process, it creates and places a special text file (ransom note) into every folder containing the locked data. Most of the time, a text file-based ransom note generated by malware of this type contains instructions on how to establish contact with ransomware authors, the price of a decryption key, and other payment-related details.

How Does Delta Team Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

Delta Team ransomware or other malware is often spread through phishing emails that include malicious attachments, free file hosting services, free advertisements, or third-party downloaders. Third-party downloaders mean when a user accidentally browses an infected website, later on, malware is automatically downloaded and installed without the user’s awareness.

How to Remove Delta Team from PC?

To do so, we suggest you start your computer in Safe Mode and then scan the OS for malware threats using reliable, and robust anti-malware software to automatically find and kill this hazardous virus.

Once this file-locking virus gets deleted, then you can try to restore your deleted or lost files, for this, you can also use a potent third-party recovery software.

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