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How to Remove ‘FHKF’ Ransomware – Security Tips


Ransomware is a type of potentially unwanted program or malicious tool for Windows PC. The working of any ransomware is quite similar to one another. The malware locks the files on your PC and blocks access to them. One such ransomware is FHKF. If you are attacked by the FHKF ransomware, then here we will list the methods to remove it and other details related to the same. 

What is FHKF Ransomware?

This ransomware is malware that encrypts different files on your PC. Just like its name, the main purpose of ransomware is to exploit you using ransom. Once attacked, the tool will lock any file it wants on the  PC randomly. This can also be your system files as well. 

When you try to open the encrypted files, a pop-up message will appear. This message generally states the terms under which the file will be decrypted. Generally, the creators of the ransomware use this pop-up to ask for ransom. They will explain to you that you were attacked by ransomware and now you need to pay the developer in the form of cryptocurrency to get the files unlocked. 

The basic method to identify the presence of FHKF ransomware is the file extension. Once attacked, the files on your PC will be visible with a .fhkf extension. 

How Does the FHKF Virus Infect Your Computer?

The main reason behind the ransomware attack is very hard to pinpoint. One of the most common causes of a ransomware attack is spam emails. The creators of such malicious files send you an email. This email comes with a catchy subject line to attract you like subscription expiring or delivery updates. When you open the email, it will read that you need to download the form and fill it to continue the subscription to proceed with the delivery. 

Once you hit the download button, the ransomware gets on your system and starts attacking files at random. 

How to Remove FHKF Ransomware from a PC? 

If you think that your files are attacked by this ransomware then there are merely two working methods to remove the same. The methods are automatic and manual. The manual method to remove FHKF ransomware is quite complicated and requires more than just beginner-level knowledge to execute. 

Hence we recommend you use the automatic method which states that you should download and use a trusted anti-malware and antivirus software to protect your computer. 

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