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How to Remove ‘Gate14.xyz’ Pop-up Ads – Security Tips


If you are also receiving annoying Gate14.xyz pop-up ads and notifications, scroll through this guide to learn how to get rid of them.

Gate14.xyz is a rough website considered as adware. It is similar to Acancyfopl.biz, Trippleforward.best, Toweratwork1.xyz, and a great number of other untrustworthy domains that are designed to employ various scam methods to urge visitors to subscribe to their push notifications service. As a rule, the push notifications service is used by website developers to notify users about recent posts. 

However, cyber crooks and scammers abuse this ‘Push Notifications’ feature to avoid ad-blocker programs so that they can promote various suspicious pages of the same kind and display intrusive pop-up advertisements on the victim’s desktop.

What is Gate14.xyz

This is an unsafe domain that triggers pop-ups and redirects to sponsored, affiliated, or even potentially dangerous pages. This domain uses various social engineering methods in order to trick people into accepting its push notifications. 

The main goal of the Gate14.xyz site is to generate revenue for the developers by running malicious advertisement campaigns. Gate14.xyz pop-up ads are displayed in the bottom right corner of the desktop screen and encourage users to visit other scams/adult/malicious websites, play online games, install suspicious browser plugins, and so on. 

It is noteworthy to mention that websites such as this particular one are rarely visited/accessed intentionally. In most cases, such websites get opened through other scams/shady pages, deceptive ads, or potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). 

How to Remove Gate14.xyz Pop-up Ads from PC?

You can quickly unsubscribe from the Gate14.xyz pop-up advertisements and notifications using your web browser’s settings. Here are the step-by-step instructions that can help you in doing so.

  • First of all, you need to launch the Google Chrome browser on your device. 
  • Once done, tap on the “Customize and control Google Chrome” menu (three dots button in the top right corner).
  • Now, click on “Settings” in the Chrome menu. 
  • Next, navigate yourself to the Site Settings > Notifications.
  • Then, select Gate14.xyz and other rogue domains you want to block. After that, click the three dots button next to each suspicious URL and click on “Block”.

After blocking these push notifications, perform a full system scan with a reputable and powerful antivirus or anti-malware tool to detect and eliminate remaining adware-based infections and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). 

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