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How to Remove ‘HELPME’ Ransomware – Security Tips


Read this guide to learn how to remove the HELPME ransomware virus and restore your files without making ransom payments to hackers.

HELPME is a rogue piece of malware categorized as a ransomware virus. This malicious software is designed to prevent its victims from accessing the files stored in their computers. In simple words, HELPME ransomware encrypts stored files (e.g., images, videos, documents, database, etc.) with a powerful cryptography algorithm and demands ransom money in order to decrypt them.

Cyber security experts do not recommend paying ransom money as there are no guarantees that ransomware authors will really send you a valid tool/key for the decryption of your files. 

What is HELPME Ransomware?

HELPME ransomware is a malicious program designed to make its victims’ files inaccessible by encrypting them and then demand a ransom payment in the form of bitcoin cryptocurrency for the decryption. 

Once encryption is done, it renames all affected files with this pattern: victim’s ID, bugagaga@tuta.io email address, and the “.HELPME” extension. For example, if a file named “mywork.docx” gets encrypted, it would appear as “mywork.docx.[ID-1PLOK15K].[bugagaga@tuta.io].HELPME”.

Afterward, it drops a ransom note titled “decrypt_info.txt” onto the desktop. The text presented in the ransom note informs the affected users that their files have been encrypted and states that the decryption requires a private key/tool that they have to purchase from the crooks behind the infection.

It also states that the victims need to establish contact with the ransomware developers via the provided email address in order to get further instructions such as what is the price of decryption software, how to make payment, and so on.

How Does HELPME Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

Cybercriminals employ various different methods to distribute HELPME ransomware and other malicious software to the targeted computer. Let’s have a quick look at the most commonly used techniques for spreading malware infections:

  • Malicious links in emails 
  • Malicious ads
  • Software cracking tools 
  • Peer-to-Peer sharing networks 
  • Drive-by downloads

How to Remove HELPME Ransomware from PC?

To accomplish a hassle-free removal of HELPME and other malicious programs, we recommend running a complete system scan with a dependable anti-virus or anti-malware program

After completely eliminating the ransomware virus from your computer, you can try a reputable data recovery tool to restore your lost files.

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