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How to Remove ‘MagicMovieSearch’ Browser Hijacker – Security Tips


MagicMovieSearch browser hijacker is a malevolent browser extension, endorsed as a useful tool to generate movies oriented search results. It claims to help people search for popular trailers, movies, and TV shows online, quickly and easily. 

It appears to be a legitimate search engine, but in reality, it is nothing more than a browser hijacker – a type of potentially unwanted application (PUA) that does not require users’ permission to get inside the targeted computer and makes numerous modifications to the default settings of installed web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more.  

The main intention of malicious actors behind the MagicMovieSearch browser hijacker is to promote the magicmoviesearch.com address (fake search engine) and generate misleading results with sponsored links and ads.

Keep on reading as this guide will provide you a clear insight on how to remove this annoying browser hijacker from your computer and reset your web browser to its default settings.

MagicMovieSearch Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

Cybersecurity researchers have determined that this is a notorious computer infection from the group of browser hijackers. The sole motive of all applications under the category of browser hijackers is to make an advertising profit for the developers. 

The MagicMovieSearch browser hijacker operates by making several unwanted modifications in the internet browser settings without the user’s permission/consent to promote its fake web searching tool (magicmoviesearch.com address). Additionally, this browser hijacking virus can collect users’ sensitive and browsing-related details (such as typed search queries, visited URLs, IP address, and credit card information) and sell it to third parties for marketing purposes.

Common Symptoms of MagicMovieSearch Browser Hijacker

Following are a few common signs that you may notice on your device if you have a browser hijacker installed.

  • Your browser’s homepage, new tab page, and search engine have been replaced by magicmoviesearch.com illegitimate search engine.
  • Your web search queries are keep getting redirected to various unreliable and dubious pages.
  • Your web browser taking a long time to load pages. 
  • Lots of suspicious popups in the form of banners, discount offers, deals, and other types of advertisements appearing in your browser.

How to Remove MagicMovieSearch Browser Hijacker from your computer?

You can perform a deep scan with a powerful antivirus or anti-malware program to remove the MagicMovieSearch browser hijacker and all other active malware infections immediately from the infected system, without making any cumbersome efforts on your part.

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