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How to Remove ‘NOPE’ Ransomware from PC


NOPE ransomware is a devastating file-encrypting virus that usually targets Windows computers, making the users’ personal files stored on the machine unusable. The sole motive of this ransomware-type program is to annoy its victims through the encryption of their files in order to compel them to pay a certain amount of ransom fee to hackers for the decryption software/key.

Typically, the NOPE virus puts strong encryption on pictures, audios, videos, documents, databases, backups, and other files that may be of value to the user. If you are unable to access such files on your computer system, then you can take the help of this guide to completely remove NOPE  virus and recover compromised files without paying money to cybercriminals for the decryptor.

What is NOPE Ransomware?

NOPE is the name of a malicious program that belongs to the family of ransomware viruses.  Soon after penetrating the targeted Windows devices, this perilous crypto-malware locks the personal files of its victims by using a strong encryption algorithm.  

During the encryption, it renames the locked data by appending a new “.toto” extension to the original filenames. For instance, if it encrypts a file named “1.mp4” then it would appear as “1.mp4.toto”.

After the encryption of all data is complete, it leaves a ransom note within the “@READ_ME@.txt” text file and changes the wallpaper of the desktop. The text file-based ransom note displayed by NOPE ransomware informs users about the files encryption and also states that the only way to get them back is by paying 0.1 BTC (Bitcoins) to the cyber crooks for decryption software.

Moreover, it informs victims that a file named “.key” which contains a valid decryption key is encrypted with the advanced RSA-2048 algorithm, and it should not be deleted. 

How Does NOPE Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

Developers of NOPE ransomware or other malware infections mostly rely on the following tactics to propagate these nasty parasites. 

  • Phishing emails 
  • Malicious advertisement campaigns 
  • Illegal activation keys of paid software
  • Websites offering free file hosting services
  • Third-party downloaders 

How to Remove NOPE Ransomware from PC?

If your computer has fallen prey to Nope malware, we recommend scanning the operating system for malware threats with a potent and well-trusted anti-malware program to automatically eliminate this virus.

After getting rid of this file-locking virus, you can try restoring your lost/deleted files with third-party data recovery tools.

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