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How to remove “Spntextension” Pop-up Ads?


The Spntextension pop-up ads or adware represent a real menace to your online safety. Even legit websites show so many ads nowadays. So, it might be difficult for users to differentiate between the good and the dangerous ones.

If you start seeing such ads in the form of never-ending pop-up notifications, Spntextension might already be on your computer. Just like similar adware programs, it shows countless annoying ads on your computer.

The purpose of its creators is to make users click on these ads. Thus, they can generate money for these villains, by simply boosting the traffic to these pages. The links behind the ads may lead to rogue pages, so they can bring even more trouble. If you encounter this problem, we show you how to get rid of it and protect your computer.

What is Spntextension?

Spntextension is a sign that adware reached your computer. The adware’s reason is to generate revenue for its developers. They are not interested in the dangers that might be hidden behind the target websites.

Virus developers take advantage of the pop-up ads, largely used in marketing by many legit websites. Moreover, it is a cheap advertising solution. This makes it even more attractive for them.

Users do not think about the danger, as they become interested in a product or service promoted in the ads. The adware gets on your PC when you ‘allow’ the notifications from the website. Now let’s look at how to remove this from your browser.

How to remove Spntextension pop-up ads?

If you also encounter this issue, here are the easy steps to easily get rid of this adware. Although we tested them for Google Chrome, you can use the same path for other browsers, too.

  1. Open your browser Settings.
  2. Choose the Advanced option.
  3. Click the Reset and clean up button.
  4. Choose the Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. In the end, click Reset settings.

The process should remove the adware in no time. But you also need to remove Spntextension’s traces. For this, our recommendation is to install and use an anti-malware software, from a trusted source.

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