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How to Remove ‘Venomous’ Ransomware – Security Tips


Venomous ransomware is a kind of data-encrypting malware that is actively spreading around the Internet. This ransomware-type program is used by cybercriminals with the sole purpose to encrypt all files present on computers in order to extort money from innocent users.

In other words, Venomous ransomware renders all types of files stored on a machine inaccessible and asks victims to pay a ransom amount in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to restore access to their data. Like other similar file-encrypting viruses, it uses a very strong cryptography algorithm (AES-256) to encode user files, which makes the task of deciphering them without a valid decryption key/software nearly impossible.

If you got this ransomware virus on your computer and are unable to open your work documents, spreadsheets, images, audios, videos, and other formats of files, you may use our tutorial to remove the infection and restore your files without paying a single penny to the crooks.

What is Venomous Ransomware? 

As said above, this notorious infection is created by cyber crime master minds to encrypt users’ personal files and force them to pay a huge sum of ransom money for the decryption.

Soon after infiltration, the Venomous ransomware runs an encryption module and appends a unique victim’s ID and “.venomous” extension at the end of infected filenames. For example, a file myphoto.png would appear as something similar to “myphoto.png.SQ5501MU2WP.venomous” – following encryption.

When the encryption procedure is completed and the data on the victim’s computer is locked, the ransomware leaves a text file-based ransom note (“SORRY-FOR-FILES.txt”) in all compromised folders.

Like NOOA, TRUST, GUJD, and other newly-developed ransomware variants, Venomous uses the text file (ransom note) to inform victims’ about the encryption and provide instructions on how to establish contact with cybercriminals for files recovery.

How Does Venomous Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

 The most common and popular ones are listed below.

  • Spam emails
  • Intrusive pop-up advertisements 
  • Unofficial software activation tools 
  • Untrustworthy software downloaders 
  • Porn or torrent sites 

How to Remove Venomous Ransomware?

You can easily get rid of the Venomous ransomware infection by performing a full system scan using a strong and reliable malware removal tool. After the virus is completely removed, you can restore lost and corrupted files with the help of a third-party data recovery program.

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