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The ‘XoXoEmoticons’ Browser Hijacker – Security Tips


If your browser search queries are constantly being redirected through the ‘XoXoEmoticons’, then you have a browser hijacking application installed on your computer system. This particular hijacker is designed by cybercriminals to promote the searchwebs.xyz address (a fake search engine) by modifying the default browser settings on the targeted system. 

Another major issue with hijackers like ‘XoXoEmoticons’ is that they monitor users’ online activities and collect browsing-related and other important data. However, if you don’t know how to get rid of this nasty browser redirecting virus, do not get panic. Through this article, we’ll tell you everything about what ‘XoXoEmoticons’ is, how you get it, and what to do to avoid it in the future. 

What is ‘XoXoEmoticons’?

Browser hijackers are a form of potentially unwanted application (PUA) created to alter the Internet browser’s settings without the user’s consent. In most cases users, users download and install them unknowingly, that’s why hijackers like XoXoEmoticons are categorized as PUAs. 

‘XoXoEmoticons’ redirect virus sets fake ‘searchwebs.xyz’ address as the new default search engine, homepage, and new URL tab replacing the legitimate one and grabs complete control over the internet web browser. The main aim of the ‘XoXoEmoticons’ hijacker is to insert advertising-related content into search results and redirect users to a particular sponsored website. Each time users’ clicks on the pop-up alerts shown in the search results, developers of ‘XoXoEmoticons’ receives the advertising revenue. 

Common Symptoms of ‘XoXoEmoticons’ Browser Hijacker

If any of the warning signs or symptoms below match your experience, then the browser hijacker may well have infiltrated your system’s firewall. 

  • The default search engine, homepage, and new tab are changed to ‘searchwebs.xyz’.
  • Frequent redirects to unsecured sponsored websites.
  • New tabs or window URLs redirect search queries through some fake search engine.
  • Automatic download of executable files from questionable web pages.
  • Slow-loading of web pages.
  • Lots of deceptive pop-up advertisement alerts, banners ads, etc.

How to Remove ‘XoXoEmoticons’ Browser Hijacker?

Browser hijackers are pretty easy to remove compared to other malicious programs. However, it’s worthwhile to mention that the manual removal process is quite lengthy and complicated and requires a certain set of computer skills. So, we won’t cover it here. 

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