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Tips on How to Remove Promos Ransomware from Your PC

remove promos ransomware

Remove Promos ransomware: this variant belongs to a well-known STOP/ Djvu ransomware family, with the sole purpose to extract a massive ransom amount by phishing innocent computer users.

Internet Surfing is always entertaining, but it can become perilous when a notorious infection like browser hijacker, ransomware, Trojan virus, or any other form of next-gen malware enters into your system.

One such dreadful infection that should never exist in your laptop or desktop computer is Promos ransomware, designed to evades the user’s system secretly and encrypt the stored files with the help of a sophisticated cipher algorithm. 

How to Remove Promos Ransomware: Everything You Need to Know

Promos is categorized as dangerous file-encrypting ransomware that modifies various default Windows settings to run a built-in encryption module and encrypt all the crucial files that you keep on your system.

Like most of the other ransomware viruses, it uses AES/RSA cryptography techniques and appends its own .promos extension at the end of all file names. For instance, the image.jpg file would get renamed to image.jpg.promos after the successful encryption.

On clicking any locked or encrypted file, it opens the _readme.txt file, a ransom note that contains information about the encryption and payment method to get back the access to all the encrypted files. Here’s how the ransom note looks.


***Attention! ***

All your files have been encrypted and only we can decrypt your files.

The only method of recovering files is to purchase a decrypt tool.

You can send one of your encrypted files and we decrypt it for free.

But, we can decrypt only 1 file for free.

Price of the private key and decrypt software is $980.

Discount 50% available if you contact us in the first 72 hours.

Please note that you’ll never restore your data without payment.

To get the decrypt software, write to our email: Promos18@airmail.cc  

Nothing personal, only business! 


We suggest you to never make any ransom payment to such cybercriminals because once you start sending money, there is no turning back. Also, there’s no guarantee that you would be able to recover your encrypted files. Hence, you must look forward and find a legitimate way to prevent such nasty type of ransomware programs from entering into your computing device.

How to Prevent Promos Ransomware?

As per security experts, the best way to safeguard your data and eliminate the deadly malware, virus, and ransomware threats is to use a powerful malware removal tool. Also, try to take regular backup of all your important files and documents so that data loss wouldn’t be a problem in case your system gets infected by any kind of ransomware or any other malware in the future.

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