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Tips to Remove ‘COVID 19’ Ransomware – Security Tips


COVID 19 ransomware is a vicious file-encrypting malware that is circulating online through deceptive means. It is designed by a group of hackers to stealthily attack the targeted system and encrypt stored files of all formats, including audios, videos, pictures, games, documents, and so on.

It uses a very powerful cryptographic algorithm (symmetric or asymmetric) to encode the files found on the targeted computer, which leads you to purchase the decryption key/software from the attackers behind the ransomware infection

If you cannot open your files and want to learn a hassle-free way to delete the ransomware virus, you have arrived at the right page. Here we will teach you how you can remove this particular ransomware from your computer and recover encrypted files without paying anything.

What is COVID 19 Ransomware? 

This is a new file-encrypting virus that mostly targets machines running on Windows operating systems. The sole purpose of the creators behind this cryptovirus is to encrypt the victim’s files and demand a huge sum of ransom fee for the decryption. 

During the encryption process, COVID 19 ransomware virus appends a nasty “.covid-19” extension at the end of each compromised file. For instance, it renames ‘1.png’ filename to ‘1.png.covid-19’, ‘2.png’ filename to ‘2.png.covid-19’, and so on.

Soon after the completion of the encryption process, the virus creates a ransom note titled “read_it.txt” and places it on the victim’s desktop. Like Anonymoushacks, Temlo, 6ix9, and other ransomware variants, COVID 19 uses the ransom note to inform the victims that their files have been encrypted (locked) and in order to restore them, they need to buy decryption key from the hackers who are behind this infection by contacting them via the provided email address (odszyfruj@protonmail.com).

How Does COVID 19 Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

In most cases, ransomware-type malware infections are distributed using the following means: 

  • Phishing emails
  • Malicious ads or pop-ups  
  • Unofficial/unsafe websites
  • Fake software updaters
  • Software cracking tools
  • Dubious download sources

How to Remove COVID 19 Ransomware from PC?

Manual malware removal is a time-consuming and error-prone procedure, therefore requires lots of patience and technical expertise. That’s why we recommend users to use automatic malware removal tools to delete notorious infections such as this one. Once the ransomware is eliminated, you can use a data recovery software to restore your files.

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