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Tips to Remove ‘Dosearch Lite’ Browser Hijacker from PC


If you want to completely remove the Dosearch Lite browser hijacker and restore your original settings, then this guide can help you.

The Dosearch Lite is a rogue browser extension or application that tries to present itself as a useful, genuine web search provider by false claims to enhance users’ internet surfing experience. At the first inspection, this dubious application or extension seems legitimate as other popular search engines. But, in reality, it acts as a browser hijacker or redirect virus whose sole purpose is to hijack the installed web browsers by altering their default settings.

Due to the fact that most browser hijacker infections are often distributed using various deceptive methods (e.g., software bundling, malicious ads, and fake software installers), apps such as Dosearch Lite are categorized as PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

Dosearch Lite Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

Dosearch Lite is a potentially unwanted app that is designed to promote tailsearch.com, a fake search engine. Because of this behavior, it has been classified as a browser hijacker or redirect virus. Once after the installation, it changes the web browsers’ settings and assigns a fake web searcher (tailsearch.com) as the default search engine, new tab page, and homepage URLs.

The main motive of fake search engines and browser hijackers is to help their developers generate some illegal income by running malicious advertisement campaigns or redirecting user searches to affiliate websites. Furthermore, browser hijacking applications like Dosearch Lite possess data tracking capabilities. The gathered user details are then monetized by selling it to third-party advertisers and even to cyber crooks.

Common Symptoms of Dosearch Lite Browser Hijacker

Following are some common signs that may indicate your computer has become infected with this browser hijacker: 

  • You are forced to use the fake search engine tailsearch.com as your homepage and new tab/window.
  • Your browser is automatically getting redirected to some shady third-party websites.
  • A lot of deceptive pop-up advertisements are appearing within search results.

How to Remove Dosearch Lite Browser Hijacker from PC?

Manual and automatic removal are the two possible methods using which you can remove malware infections like Dosearch Lite hijacker from the infected device. If you don’t have the time or computer skills required to perform the manual steps, you can run automatic scans with free malware removal tools.

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