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What is a Multipartite Virus: How to Protect Yourself Against it?

multipartite virus

A multipartite virus is one of the most notorious types of computer viruses that the world had ever seen. This type of virus is often considered more precarious than the old-fashioned computer viruses, leaving even the simplest tasks inoperable. 

What is a Multipartite Virus and how does it work?

Multipartite viruses are among the most dangerous computer viruses, designed by cybercriminals with malicious intent to infect the boot sector and executable files (.exe) of a security vulnerable system.

In this history of computer viruses, the multipartite virus is a first of its kind that attacks both the boot sector and self-executable files simultaneously, thereby causing more harm than any other kind of virus.

A multipartite virus typically spreads via attaching itself to a self-executable file and once the virus is triggered, it latches onto the computer’s hard drive that contains files required by the boot sequence.

Important Security Tips to Prevent Multipartite Virus & Protect Yourself

Now that you know what multipartite virus is and how it works, it is important that you follow all the necessary web practices and safety tips to prevent such dangerous viruses from infecting your system.

  1. Keep your computer and other software programs up to date: Out-of-date programs and older versions of Windows operating systems are cybercriminals’ doorway to infect your system. Thus, it is recommended to keep all of your programs updated at all times.
  2. Enable your popup blocker: Intrusive pop up ads, banners, and fake coupons offers are the most common tactic used by criminals to spread virus-infected programs. Install a powerful ad-blocker to block such annoying and harmful ads.
  3. Install anti-virus software: Install a dedicated antivirus program and keep yourself ready against any kind of computer virus related attack being made against your devices.
  4. Avoid clicking suspicious sites: Pay close attention to the URL before visiting any websites. Avoid clicking freeware download websites that seem suspicious.
  5. Take regular backup: To ensure the safety of your data, take regular backup of important files on external devices.
  6. Never download spam attachments: Never open or download email attachments coming from an unknown sender. These spam emails often contain malicious links that are designed to infect your system.

With each passing day, more and more computer viruses are released into the wild. While it is nearly impossible to have foolproof virus protection, the aforementioned safety and prevention tips will help you reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a computer virus attack.

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