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Artificial Intelligence-Powered Attacks. Learn How to Stay Safe


Artificial Intelligence-Powered Attacks come together with the benefits that AI apps bring for all of us. And it becomes harder to identify malware, as villains use these tools to be more convincing. Thus, average users would be less able to identify the common signs of such attacks.

Read on to learn how hackers use the new performant tools to reach their goals. Also, you will discover how to stay away from their attacks, although they might use ChatGPT and similar apps.  

How do cybercriminals use AI?

To increase their chances of success, cybercriminals use AI apps to get rid of the common signs of scams. For instance, they correct their grammar mistakes, using the latest versions of artificial intelligence. Thus, users do not become suspicious.

Although OpenAI incorporated safeguards into its product, this only means that it would not let anyone write malware or phishing emails. Still, attackers get around these. So, they trick the programme to compose emails and also include malware.

So, what they do is impersonate legitimate companies (banks, tech support, etc.) to trick users and access their private data. Then they use the information to achieve their mischievous goals. Using AI bots to write emails, and record fake videos or audio that seem legit helps them a lot.

Although this might seem overwhelming for average users, there are ways to stay away from trouble, online. In fact, these are pretty similar to the ones that we used before.

How to stay away from Artificial Intelligence-related security threats?

Successful AI tools are mainly used in two ways, by villains.

How You Can Guard Against Artificial Intelligence-powered Attacks

There are two main types of Artificial Intelligence-powered attacks to be aware of. One of them involves well-known tools. Hackers use them to convince their victims to install updates or unwanted and dangerous programs and extensions. They might all seem legit to inexperienced users.  

One of the best ways to learn about these tricks is to stay up to date with the news regarding AI services. Remember to always check the official sources. Some of them only have a web-only version. So, you should not ever download a pretended mobile app that pretends to be from the same company.

So, a user should always check the company that produces the software, the reviews, etc., before installing such apps.

Then comes the even trickier part. Attackers use the new tools to create audio or video fakes that seem completely real. In these, it seems that legitimate people ask victims to act, which usually leads them to lose their money or personal data.

Now, here is what you need to do to stay safe:
1. Be alert whenever there is a sense of urgency in the emails/messages that you receive. These might hide dangers.

2. Always double-check the information from official sources. Use different means of communication to cross-check the validity of the information. If you received an email, use the official phone number to ask for details. If you were called, send an email to the official address.

3. Always avoid clicking on links you receive in emails that claim to direct you to your bank account, for any changes/actions.

4. Keep your system, anti-virus programs (downloaded from a trusted source), and browsers up to date. Thus, they will protect you from most malware attacks, even those using AI.

5. Pay attention to all the accompanying details in text, video, audio or picture messages you receive. Any inconsistency may hide a scam. So, in simple words, be cautious and check everything before you act, by clicking a link, filling up an online form etc.

By doing these things you can still take advantage of the AI, without becoming a victim of the villains. Be aware of the most important cyber threats using AI, in 2023

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