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What is a Macro Virus? Protection and Preventive Measures

A Macro virus is a harmful PC threat that attaches its code to the pre-installed macro operation of a computer system including Microsoft Word, Excel, Spreadsheets, etc. The virus gets embedded in the document macro and automatically launches whenever you open the document…
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What is a Dictionary Attack and How to Prevent it?

In a Dictionary attack, cyber-criminals use password guessing techniques to bypass the security walls of a password-protected device. In this, hackers use numerous combinations of usernames and passwords to guess the correct credentials.  A series of dictionary words are…
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Important Security Tips for Safe Computing

In this article, we’ll disseminate a few security tips, the must-follow steps to protect yourself from malware and other digital threats.  If you think that you can never be a victim of cyber-crime, it’s probably a good time for you to reconsider. With…
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What is Ping of Death Attack? Prevention and Mitigation

A Ping of Death attacks works on the DOS (Denial-Of-Service) methodology and results in permanent or temporary device freezing issues. The modus-operandi used by its developer aims at sending large packets to the targeted machine making it crash or freeze.  The packets…
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Important Security Tips for Working From Home

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put everyone in a lockdown situation forcing them to work-from-home on a full-time basis. Working from home is an unfamiliar concept to most of the people, and can put even the most prepared people in unavoidable circumstances. Here are a few…