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How To Remove FOUR Ransomware - Security Tips

FOUR is a type of malware from cryptovirology that is designed to encrypt either personal files or the entire computer. The attackers use such types of ransomware-viruses to prevent victims from accessing their important files or computer and demand a ransom payment in…
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How To Remove HAM Ransomware - Security Tips

The HAM ransomware is the latest file-encrypting malware to be seen online, and it is a part of the infamous Dharma ransomware family. The guide below will give you a clear insight on how to remove HAM ransomware from your computer without going through several…
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Remove Nistartedwo.biz Pop-up Ads - Security Tips

The cybersecurity experts have determined that Nistartedwo.biz is a deceptive website which lures unsuspecting visitors into signing up for its push notifications so that it can deliver deceptive pop-up ads straight to the browser or desktop. If you already subscribed to…
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Remove HDSportsSearch Browser Hijacker - Security Tips

HDSportsSearch is promoted as a useful tool to generate improved sports channel search results. However, in reality, it is a kind of PUP (potentially unwanted program) which belongs to the family of browser hijackers. Following successful installation, it makes modifications…
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How to Remove CADQ Ransomware - Security Tips

CADQ ransomware is a newly found data-encrypting malware that falls under the family of ransom demanding malware. Like most computer infections of this type, it infiltrates the security vulnerable system and holds victims’ data hostage until they pay the ransom…
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Remove Dong Page Browser Hijacker - Security Tips

According to experienced security professionals, the Dong Page browser hijacker is a potentially unwanted application which falls under the category of browser related malware. Typically, software of this type operates by modifying default browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox…