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Direct Action Virus: Safety and Prevention Tips

A Direct Action Virus is one of the most common forms of malware and infects systems by attaching itself with .exe or .com files. A computer virus  aims at hampering the overall working of your device and can be segregated into multiple categories depending on their…
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What is and How To Remove a Resident Virus?

To remove a Resident virus can be a bit complicated, since, based on the replication module this is one of the most common PC viruses that one can come across. Its main function is to install a harmful code into your device memory which is capable of infecting not only the…
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What Are Malware Bots and How to Get Rid of Them

A bot is an automated program designed to perform a specific task. Bots are also referred to as crawlers, spiders, and web-bots. Malware bots are used by cybercriminals to perform repetitive tasks and aim at getting full system control. There can be both good and bad…