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How to tell if your computer is infected by Malware?

Malware, a collective term for all potentially harmful software or programs, today covertly monitors users’ online behavior without their knowledge or permission. Due to a significant rise in cybercrimes all across the world, cyber security has become an increasingly…
Security Tips

Jigsaw Ransomware: Prevention and Protection Tips

Jigsaw ransomware, primarily titled “BitcoinBlackmailer”, is a kind of file-encrypting malware that evades the security vulnerable system and encrypts the victim’s stored files to make them useless. The primary purpose of this nasty Jigsaw ransomware is to…
Security Tips

What is the Storm Worm? Prevention and Protection Tips

Storm Worm is not a new word to the cyber-security industry. This decade-old malware gained enormous popularity in 2007 for infecting millions of computer systems across the globe. Storm Worm is highly destructive and has the potential to infect powerful supercomputers as…