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Block Spotify Ads: Is it Worth and Legal? Useful Tips

As a Spotify Free user, you might feel like you want to block Spotify ads. This could be because they can be annoying, and this is understandable.   Still, the fact that you have access to premium music, needs to be paid, somehow. Moreover, you should think if it’s…
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Hacked Spotify Account? Tips to Regain Access

As it is one of the most popular digital music, podcast, and video services, a hacked Spotify account may be a real struggle. Users pay for their accounts, while hackers target them to take advantage of the amount of users and money on the platform. The main reasons…
Security Tips

How to Report Cybercrime? Become a Security Hero

Have you ever thought about how you could report Cybercrime? Maybe you or one of your friends became the victim of online scammers. But, if the amount was not too big, you might have decided to do… nothing. Still, you might have been just lucky. Next time, it may be a…