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How to Remove ‘6ix9’ Ransomware - Security Tips

6ix9 ransomware is a new malicious program that belongs to the family of malware called Dharma. This ransomware-type infection encrypts personal user files that are stored on the infected Windows computer by using a powerful cryptography algorithm and then demands ransom…
Security Tips

Tips to Remove ‘Zeznzo’ Ransomware - Security Tips

Zeznzo (ransomware) is the name of a very dangerous file-encrypting virus classified as a ransomware infection. Like other file-encrypting viruses, Zeznzo is designed to encrypt all types of files (images, audios, videos, and other formats of files) stored in the targeted…
Security Tips

Tips to Remove 'Zationtothe.online' Pop-up Ads

Zationtothe.online pop-up ads come from a rogue and deceptive website sharing many similarities with humourchapter.com, Towndomaint.com, Diguver.com, and countless others. The site is designed to deceive people into subscribing to its push notifications feature. Scammers…
Security Tips

How to Remove ‘Top Movies Links’ Browser Hijacker

The cyber security specialists have determined that the Top Movies Links browser hijacker is designed and created by cybercriminals in order to change the default settings of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other popular web-browsers to promote the address of a fake…
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How to Remove ‘Humourchapter.com Pop-up Ads from PC

Humourchapter.com pop-up ads originate from a suspicious domain considered as adware. The Internet is rife with such scam/shady sites. Towndomaint.com, Diguver.com, My-live-videos.com are just some examples. The main motive of developers behind such rogue websites is to…