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How Safe Is OneDrive? Explanations and Security Tips

Have you ever wondered how safe is OneDrive? It might have come to your mind, as you use Microsoft’s cloud to store and organize important personal or work files. Of course, you would never want to lose access to those or to have them in the hackers’ hands. We let you…
Privacy Tips

Annoying Push Notifications? Useful Tips to Turn Them off

Push notifications bring on your screen messages and information from apps on your device and websites that you have visited. They might seem useful when you first see them, but as their number increases, they become frustrating. So, let’s see what these are and how you…
Privacy Tips

How and Why to Clear Cookies? Privacy and Security Tips

Are you aware of how to clear cookies in your browser, and why you should do this? There are a few reasons you should consider really thoroughly. Then, you should be able to take the right steps, according to your decision. In this article, we let you know why to think…
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Cloud Computing: Tips To Protect Your Safety and Privacy

In a world where more and more people use cloud computing regularly, it is essential to stay safe. Although the solution is handy, you should first of all understand the importance of data protection, while using it. What is Cloud Computing?  To understand the risks…