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How to Encrypt Your Data? Useful Tools and Tips for You


If you know how to encrypt your data, you can avoid dangerous situations such as sensitive data exposure. It would make your online life easier, and you could enjoy the content you choose, without worries.  This is because your personal information never goes into the wrong hands.

So, let’s see why and how you should do this, to get the best protection possible.

What is data encryption?

Data encryption is a process, aiming at protecting information or data. For this, it uses mathematical models, that allow scrambling the data, so that only those who have the right key can access it.

So, although hackers might access this data, they would not be able to understand it. This means there is no chance for them to use it.

That’s why data encryption is the main backup plan as online attacks are out every day. Of course, companies, or other organizations can accidentally expose it. For that, you should also be cautious about what data you share with them and how they keep it.

Now, you know why encrypting data is a good thing to do, so you also know how to do this properly.

How to encrypt your data with free tools?

Of course, there are many options when it comes to encrypting data, for privacy protection. They would make software or messages unreadable, without any cost.

Here are a few options that TechRadar put together, so you can decide which one suits your needs best.

Using one of these would help you keep private your usernames, passwords, banking details, or even your physical address. Still, keep in mind that there are also things that you might want to have/need, that are not available with the free versions.

For instance, they might require some tech know-how to set up or do not include sharing features or cloud storage integration.

Also, some free plans only use weaker 128-bit encryption, which is not extremely powerful. Moreover, some of these only protect your data from outsiders. But if anyone reaches your computer, or if your Windows password is compromised, your data is at risk.

The worst situation would be if you use a free tool that makes you feel safe. If things go wrong and you lose your encryption keys, you might not be able to recover the data.

But none of these means that you are safer without data encryption. Of course, a paid version would be the best to use. Think that it is all about your data and even your bank accounts when you choose the one to use.

Now, that you know how to encrypt your data, you can have a safer online life. Also keep in mind good online hygiene, as the main security wall in front of villains.

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