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How to Remove ‘My Note’ Browser Hijacker – Security Tips


The guide below will show you how to remove the My Note browser hijacker from your computer system and revert changes made to your browsers.

The cybersecurity specialists have determined that this is one of the vicious browser hijacking applications or redirect viruses that may put your online sessions in danger. Applications within this classification are also known as PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) because most internet users download and install browser hijackers by mistake.

Once the My Note application gets installed onto the targeted computers, it makes various unwanted modifications to the original browser’s (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, etc.) settings to promote fxsmash.xyz address – a fake search engine.

My Note Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

This is the name of a dubious application classified as a browser hijacker. Once inside the targeted computer, it modifies the default browser settings (such as search engine, homepage, and new tab) without your knowledge or permission to promote the address of its web searcher tool (e.g., fxsmash.xyz). 

So now whenever you will launch your browser for surfing the Internet, this fraudulent search toot will show you sponsored/ misleading search results and lots of intrusive pop-up adverts. Clicking on such bogus results then triggers redirects to a number of affiliated websites with fake promotions. This activity helps the developers of My Note browser hijacker to generate revenue via a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising scheme. 

Apart from redirecting searches, showing ads, and forcibly install new browser add-ons, this vicious browser hijacking application silently tracks affected users’ online activities and sells the information to third parties for marketing purposes. The gathered data include: entered search queries, viewed internet pages, visited URLs, geolocations, IP addresses, personally identifiable details, etc.

Common Symptoms of My Note Browser Hijacker

There are many symptoms. Take a look at the most common ones below:

  • The browser hijacker changes the users’ preferred search engine and homepage with its own web searching tool.
  • It continuously redirects user search queries to commercial pages.
  • It generates irrelevant search results.
  • It inserts lots of intrusive ads and sponsored links in the search results.

How to Remove My Note Browser Hijacker from PC?

You are highly advised to use some reliable antivirus or anti-malware tool that has the capability to remove this browser hijacker and all installed suspicious and even malicious components completely and safely from the operating system.

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