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The Most Common Cyber-Attacks To Be Aware Of. Security Tips


The more aware of the most common cyber-attacks you are, the better. No user would ever want to become a victim of the hackers. We show you what these are, and how to stay safe.

Although it might not seem like a personal choice, cyber-hygiene is the one that can prevent these from happening. But, to be able to keep your devices safe, and your online life free of threats, it is essential to be aware of the most common cyber-criminal tools.

Once you know them, we would also talk about the preventive measures

Which are the most common cyber-attacks?

Malware, viruses, and botnets are the main choices of attackers. Let’s see what each of these means.

For sure, you have heard about malware a lot. You might know this is dangerous, but it is even better to know what it exactly is and how it works.

The term is the short form for malicious software. Hackers use it to disrupt or even damage a computer’s normal operation. Thus, they get access to sensitive data on your device, and also to its operating systems. The most common types of malware are:

  1. Spyware
  2. Viruses
  3. Botnets

Now, let’s have a look at what each of them does.

How do these work?

Spyware and adware are programs that can download themselves, without users’ permission. They can do this when users visit unsafe websites or download an attachment.

Once installed, the computer starts behaving unusually. It might open pop-up ads, track your online activity, or steal your password, compromising your accounts.

Viruses are the second type of malware and are more aggressive and targeted than the previous category. They can reach your devices by spreading from one device to another when they are in a network or have an internet connection.

Using viruses, their creators gain some access to the infected devices. Then, they can use them as part of their botnets

And as we mentioned botnets, they represent networks of computers that have been previously infected by malware. Cybercriminals control them, either for financial gains or for launching new attacks.

Once a device is infected and becomes part of a botnet, it will communicate and receive instructions from the attackers. Usually, users do not even realize this. Then, villains use it to achieve their goals.

Usually, they harvest sensitive data, such as passwords, or credit card numbers. Hackers use this for identity theft, bank fraud, web attacks, spam, or malware distribution.             

Ways to keep malware away from your computer

Of course, there are ways to prevent malware from infecting your device. Here are the most important things:
1. Always keep your computer and software up to date.

2. Avoid using an administrator account, especially when you use public, unsecured internet connections.

3. Never click on links you have not checked before.

4. Think twice before downloading and opening email attachments.

5. Avoid pop-ups that prompt you to download software.

6. Limit your file-sharing.

7. Use a powerful anti-virus solution. Here is a list of the best choices for 2023.

These are the simple things to know, that can save you from headaches while being online. Keep them in mind and stay safe!

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