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AI cyber-attacks: Prevention and protective measures

AI cyber-attacks

AI cyber-attacks, a new threat. AI-powered security is widely used by organizations to protect themselves against online security issues and cyber attacks but unfortunately, at the same time, they can also become the reason for some of the most complex and dreadful attacks. 

What is AI in Cybersecurity

On one hand, AI is designed to develop various aspects of cyber-security to enhance the defense mechanism of enterprise-level organizations. It uses artificial intelligence based on historical data to manage cyber-attacks and detect anomalies. It provides multi-layer security against malicious malware, unauthorized access, network anomalies, and even phishing attacks.

How Big Companies Use AI Systems?

  • Malware detection and Threat analysis: It offers an efficient way to detect malicious malware and also identifies fake users.
  • Conduct repetitive tasks: Many companies also deploy AI processes to conduct repetitive security checks.
  • As protection against AI threats: It also works at safeguarding enterprise-level data from AI drive attacks.
  • Email Monitoring: Another use of the AI process is to differentiate legitimate and fake phishing emails that aim at gaining unauthorized access to company-level information.

AI-Driven Cyber Attacks

With time, cyber-crime has grown multi-fold and is also being used by cyber-criminals to leverage advanced hacking attacks. According to the fact and figures around 90% of the attack in Japan and the US belongs to the family of AI cyber-attacks. 

Some of the most common examples of AI-driven digital crimes are: 

  • Infiltering Social Media accounts to spread malicious malware and other viruses.
  • Breaching the security walls of an organization by bypassing the biometric security systems.
  • Using realistic-looking videos and photos from tricking users to gain unauthorized access to corporate-level information and details.

Securing AI Systems Against Digital Attacks

The use of AI technology has seen a spike in the last few years and is widely used by enterprise-level organizations to protect them from adversarial attacks. AI is being used in model training, data ingestion, production deployments, and many other organizational processes. 

However, going a step ahead cyber-criminals are altering the inputs to AI machines to exploit them causing them to fail. Over dependency and integration of AI systems in an organization’s work procedure will also make it equally vulnerable to AI-driven exploits. 

Apart from this AI also makes digital attacks more deadly and extremely difficult to identify. The time is not far when we will see AI fighting AI. 

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