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Aieou Ransomware: Prevention and Protection Tips


Aieou Ransomware is, as the name suggests, a malicious program hijacking your data at stake in demand of a ransom. It falls in the category of ransomware type of malware and works by encrypting users’ data and demanding a ransom in return for its decryption. 

The files that fall prey to this malware are affixed with an extension (.aieou). When the files are encrypted, the infected folders are given a message informing users that their data has been encrypted and then they are made to contact the cyber criminals over emails in regard with encryption and the data recovery cost.

Unfortunately, paying the demanded sum as recovery cost of their data does not necessarily help users. Users are advised to not fall victim to such ransom threats, despite the necessity as it often only results in a terrible financial loss.

Removal of Aieou Ransomware

Given that such ransomware-type of malicious programs target to encrypt your data and then begin infecting them or even spread them across the network. It is essential to isolate the files first hand to ensure their prevention from getting attacked throughout the network. Using a professional antimalware tool certainly gives you a hand in wiping off this infection. This tool helps isolate your data, scan the entire device or system, and detect the programs that are potentially threatening your files. Well yes, any automatic kind of malware removal process has a dedicated time as well as skilled hands. It is recommended to use any reliable third-party antimalware tool within the assurance of its authenticity and of course, with strong knowledge on this process. 

Important Tips to Protect Your PC From Aieou Ransomware

Overlooking the slightest of chances that any malicious program benefits from is not a joke. There are several deceptive links, tedious websites and sneaky ads that survive the entry into your sensitive data way too conveniently. It is super important to use a few basic tips to repel against the ransomware and breathe freely. 

  • Never ever click open any email you smell to be suspicious. If you have received any email from a totally unknown source and if you find any link or document attached with it, you better be aware of the threats they can bring in. It is best to avoid opening them and even better to remove them.
  • Are you downloading any software? Check twice if the downloading platform is official or at least verified. Do not jump to any website for installation of software that you have never heard of before. The best way to play it safe is to only install the file from its official webpage. 
  • Refrain from clicking the popup ads and unknown links. 
  • Always keep a trusted third-party antimalware tool installed on your device to ensure the timely detection of possible viruses and its immediate removal. 


No matter what this or any ransomware may ask you to pay in exchange for your data, it is recommended to save yourself from dragging your finances at stake. You can seek any trusted third-party data recovery tool that will probably help you extract the lost data. Apart from that, it is equally important to ensure the safe browsing and downloading.

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