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Cyberbullying: Tips and tricks to protect teenagers, online

Cyberbullying prevention

Cyberbullying is one of the most recent threats to youngsters. It may occur on any kind of device, and bullies use email addresses, forums, social media channels, or even gaming chats to do it.

To be able to deal with it, we should all first know what this is.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is, in fact, bullying that happens online, over digital devices. It usually includes sharing personal and private data about the victims. The information causes either embarrassment, humiliation, or even both.

It is not unusual that cyberbullying sometimes turns out to be unlawful or even criminal. It can range from embarrassing or cruel online posts to stalking through emails.

That’s why, although all age groups are vulnerable to this, teenagers and young adults are the most common victims. They do not usually know how to react and thus are more easily blackmailed.

So, this is an increasingly common problem in schools. As they can be anonymous online, bullies take advantage of this and spread compromising photos, rumors, or threats, instantly.

Moreover, youngsters are more embarrassed to talk about these things, so it might be difficult to discover these attempts and act fast.  

But it is possible if both parents and teachers pay enough attention to this. Let’s see what we all should do!

Things to do to protect our youngsters

There are a few steps a parent or an adult should take to protect teenagers from this danger:

  1. Limit access to their interests, habits, or employment information. The fewer details about details are online, the lower the risk to become victims.  
  2. Document any attempt, by keeping a record of online activities, including relevant dates. For better security, keep these both in a printed copy and an electronic version.
  3. Block and report the bullies on social media. Report any incident to the platform/website.
  4. Report the incidents to the authorities and school officials. Any bullying action or threat is a reason to report it to the authorities. They will be able to make a difference between free speech and offenses punished by law.

Every important social media and gaming platform offers a way to report this behavior. Here is where to turn to, if necessary, on the most popular social media platforms:







Epic Games



Facebook: more info




Also, remember to teach your children to stay positive. They can create a positivity online space with their friends.

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