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Grandparent scams: How to protect yourself against these?


Grandparent scams become more and more common. This is because these people represent a vulnerable category, when facing the new technology. And this is the the weakness that hackers try to take advantage of, and make some easy money.

What are grandparent scams and how to spot them?

Knowing that grandparents are a vulnerable category, scammers try to fool them. So, they build different scenarios to reach their goals.

Somtimes, they send urgent messages or even emails to grandparents, pretending to be a grandchild. So, they ask for financial help, as they invoke difficult situations.

They might pretend to have been involved in an accident, and that they need to pay a lawyer. Or they could claim to be abroad and in need for money for a last minute ticket.

As scammers are really well prepared, they use different ways to spoof their phone numbers. Also, they might steal the credentials and use the grandchild’s email address for these messages.

Thus, the messages may even seem to be coming from a grandchild. Also, they use AI tools to replicate a voice. So, it might be really difficult for grandparents to discover that this is a scam.

As grandparents love their grandchildren, they might give in easily and send the requested money. And the scammers reach their goals.

Still, there are two important warning elements when this happens:

1. The messages might come from unknown email addresses (or phone numbers).

2. They request unreasonable amounts of money.

Tips to protect yourself and your grandparents

The main piece of advice from the experts says that people should not panic. They encourage anyone who receives such messages to check the identity of the sender. The easiest way is to ask for specific questions only the real person would know the answers of.

Also, be cautious when someone tries to bully you into transferring money online, or by purchasing gift cards. As soon as such things happen, call the police and inform them.

In order to avoid such situations, a good online hygiene is necessary. Keep your passwords strong and your computers up to date. Also, use a powerful anti-virus from a trusted provider. Thus, villains will not have the chance to steal credentials or any other important information and use it against you!

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