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How Can I Be Safe Online by Keeping Up to Date?

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The world of the Internet is filled with cybercriminals and scammers who can take down anyone the moment they are off guard. “How can I be safe online?” – you may ask. You need to be cautious at every step as the virtual world is full of real threats, frauds and snares. Hacking, phishing attacks, ransomware, malware, online scammers – the list is endless and you have to be safe from all of these.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from online scams and frauds:

Below-listed are some of the best practices that should be followed to stay safe and secure from online scams.

  • Protect your private data
  • Never share your private information too vividly with anyone online. Don’t leave an imprint that can be manipulated further.
  • Enable your Privacy Settings
  • Always ensure to enable the privacy settings on social media sites and browsers to avoid data leakage through these mediums.
  • Practice Safe Browsing
  • Protect your privacy: don’t click on dubious sites, links, attachments and ads. If something is too good to be true, then steer clear away from such tempting posts, sites, and mails. Don’t open emails from unknown sources.
  • Use a VPN
  • Install a good VPN program to protect your private data. A VPN prevents geo-tracking and data monitoring by prying eyes. It also prevents data leakage and also makes your information anonymous online.
  • Password Protection
  • The first step to ensure your online safety is to protect your applications, and social accounts with strong passwords that should be frequently updated.
  • Download and purchase online securely
  • Ensure your online security by downloading programs and apps from trusted sources and making sure that online purchases are made from renowned sites.
  • Be careful while interacting with people online
  • Never interact with strangers online and refrain from revealing private information. 
  • Keep your devices up-to-date
  • Always ensure to keep all your devices updated by installing the latest available updates as most of these updates are security patch ups to security loopholes.

The Hollywood movie called “The Net” was a movie that depicted the story of cybercrime back in 1995 when the Internet, computers and its components were only at its earliest phase of development. Today, Google, smartphones and 4G (soon 5G) Internet are within most people’s reach. So, obviously, the challenges have increased around being safe online. Therefore, being aware every moment following the best practices answers the question: “How can I be safe online?”

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