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How To Choose A Password? Useful Safety Tips In 2023

How to choose a password

You should know how to choose a password if you want to stay safe online, in 2023. Any attempt to create passwords from your personal information, or to re-use the existing ones is a breach. And hackers hunt such breaches.

This is because attackers see your information or even personal files as a potential source of easy income. They can use them for spam, asking for ransomware, stealing banking data and money, or launching other attacks. So, you should know how to secure your account.

But do not panic! We will show you how you can secure your devices and data, by creating strong passwords and keeping them safe.

Why it might seem difficult?

Choosing a strong password might seem overwhelming for some users. That’s why they usually choose a combination of personal information, dictionary words and numbers.

But such elements are too weak to make a password if villains break into your devices. So, this is a bad idea and an opportunity that users give to hackers.

Also, reusing the same password for different accounts is a bad idea. If one of your accounts is compromised, all of those using the same password are at risk.

How to choose a password that is safe?

So, let’s define a strong password. In order to be strong, the most important values of a password are uniqueness and the impossibility to be guessed.

For this, a strong password should be:

  1. Long enough, at least 12-16 characters, to make them less probable to guess. Every character means a higher security level. So, the longer, the better, in this case.
  2. Passphrases, which might seem safer than passwords, as they are sequences of multiple words. But the length is not the only guarantee that hackers cannot unveil it. If passphrases are lyrics or names, it does not mean they provide a higher level of security. This is because they use a predictable pattern.
  3. Long passwords, made of random characters that include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters are safer. Besides being long, the main quality of a good password is that no one can guess them.
  4. Used for only one account. Avoid using the same password on more than one platform. If a data breach reveals your passwords, all your accounts are at risk. Check here if your password has been exposed.
  5. Generated, stored and monitored. You can use a strong password manager for this. Still, remember that password managers are protected by a master password. This could also be the target of hackers. So, what you should do is change your passwords regularly, considering all of the above.  
  6. Doubled by using two-factor authentication, whenever this is available. It will add an extra layer of security to your accounts.

Now, you have all the necessary information about how to choose a password. This should protect your accounts and data while letting you enjoy your online life.

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