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Password Manager Breach? Learn How You Should Act Now!

password manager breach

A password manager breach might really feel like the end of the world. And it is completely understandable. When you decide to use a password manager, it is because you care about your security.

But when your extra-security layer is down, then everything might seem in vain. Still, there are things you can do to secure your password manager. And we will go through them.

Why to choose password managers?

With so many accounts around the internet, any user thinks about keeping them safe. Which is not easy. Especially if we think about how many passwords we should remember.

Keep in mind that using the same password for more accounts is not a good option. Each password should be unique. Of course, it also has to meet a few more conditions to remain on the safe side. You can read about them here.

At this point, a password manager seems to be the right choice. It will save you from remembering tens of difficult passwords if you set them right.

Quality password managers offer strong encryption. This means that villains have almost no chance to steal your passwords, no matter what happens with the producing company.

Still, what would you do in case there is a password manager breach? Read on to learn how to act if this happens to you.

How to act in case of a password manager breach?

Whenever something occurs that affects a serious password manager, the producer should notify you about the incident. This is usually an automatic process. Also, the system should keep your passwords safe, but you never know.

As a private user, you should mainly follow the steps the producer advises you to take. The first one is to reset the master password. Remember to follow the rules about strong passwords.  Turning on multi-factor authentication also adds a new security level. Also, when choosing a password manager, try to check if it offers the zero-knowledge feature. This means that not even the program knows your passwords, and does not store the keys to decrypt the master one.

Here is a list of some of the best password managers out there.

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