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How to Choose Your Cloud Storage? Security Tips

choose your cloud service

When you decide to choose your cloud storage, there are many options available. For an average user, it might seem overwhelming to pick the right one.

Still, if you are informed when you do this, it is going to be easier. Because you should be aware of the threat detection, encryption, and a secure log-in system.

Important things when you choose your cloud storage

As mentioned before, the best cloud storage systems should offer advanced threat detection, end-to-end encryption, and two-factor authentication (or another log-in system)

Moreover, if you care about personal data, you should pay attention to GDPR. Although European providers have to respect it, it is not compulsory in the entire USA.

So, you should choose a provider that complies with these rules. Thus, you will not have to wonder about privacy and data security. Always remember to search for the server locations of the provider.

Imagine that you upload personal photos or documents to the cloud. For sure, you do not want these to get into anyone else’s hands.

For this, you should make sure that all the data is encrypted, so it is not vulnerable to hackers. This happens mainly when the country where the servers are located is lacking data protection laws.

Essential features

Data encryption is essential when choosing the service. Still, it might be difficult to find out if and how they do this. Because not all of them come with end-to-end or zero-knowledge encryption.

If this is not the case, your data is at risk. Hackers that might get access to the service’s servers also get access to your data, too. But you have the option to encrypt the data yourself. Then, upload it into the cloud like that.

As Europe and Canada have high standards for data protection, it would be wise to choose a service that stores data here.

If you want to make sure your data is safe, look for the ISO 27001 certification for the cloud service. This guarantees a high-security standard for your data.

Also, add the two-factor authentication step to the list, so the login process becomes more secure. If hackers manage to bypass the servers’ security, they would still have to struggle with your encryption.

Maybe the best option would be to build your private cloud. You will be the only one to access the data. Moreover, villains target cloud services where there are lots of potential victims.

Now, that you know how to protect your data in the cloud, here are the best European cloud hosting providers in 2023, from HTH Guide.

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