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How to Remove ‘Anonymoushacks’ Ransomware – Security Tips


Anonymoushacks ransomware is a notorious computer infection or a cryptovirus that is developed by cyber crime master minds to encrypt the personal data found on the victim’s desktop and then demand a huge sum of ransom payment for the decryption keys/software.

This ransomware-type program encrypts or locks almost all formats of files (images, audios, videos, documents, etc.) present inside the targeted machine using a powerful cryptographic algorithm. It then tries to extort a certain amount of money from innocent PC users by asking for a “ransom fee” (in the form of cryptocurrencies), in exchange for access to compromised data.

Unfortunately, if you have fallen prey to this ransomware attack, then read this guide to learn how to get rid of this crypto virus and restore your encrypted files without paying any money to the cyber crooks.

What is ‘Anonymoushacks Ransomware? 

Recently discovered by security researchers, Anonymoushacks is the name of a ransomware-type program that attempts to infiltrate security vulnerable computers and encrypt all types of files stored on hard drives or desktops. It then asks victims to purchase a decryption key/software from the developers behind the ransomware infection, if they want to get their files’ access back. 

Furthermore, this dubious file virus modifies the original names of the encrypted files by adding some random characters at the end. After the encryption process is finished, Anonymoushacks ransomware creates and drops a text file (ransom note) into each folder that contains locked files.

The Anonymoushacks ransom note informs the affected users that all of their files have been encrypted. And in order to decrypt them, they need to contact the ransomware developers through an email address (anonymoushacks33@protomail.com).

We do not recommend you pay the ransomware attackers, as there is no guarantee that they will return your files, even after receiving a full ransom payment. 

How Does ‘Anonymoushacks’ Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

Following are some of the most popular ways that cybercriminals use to proliferate ransomware and other malware infections:

  • Malicious spam emails
  • Deceptive pop-up advertisements 
  • Drive-by downloads 
  • Black-hole exploit kits
  • Third-party downloaders 
  • Software cracking tools 

How to Remove ‘Anonymoushacks’ Ransomware?

If you wish to remove Anonymoushacks ransomware permanently without implementing various manual steps, we recommend using a powerful and automatic anti-malware software. After all the files related to the ransomware virus are deleted, you can either use your backup data or a third-party file recovery program to bring back your files.

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