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How to Remove Bright Tab Browser Hijacker – Security Tips


According to cybersecurity researchers, Bright Tab is a form of unwanted software with browser-hijacking capabilities. This software operates by making modifications to Internet browser (for example, Chrome, Firefox, Edge) settings without the user’s permission to promote fake web searchers. The end goal of such type of bogus software is to generate revenue from intrusive advertisements or sponsored search results presented within the dubious websites they promote.

If your browser search queries are getting redirected through Bright Tab, then you are strongly advised to get rid of the installed browser hijacker or the redirect virus as quickly as possible. Keep on reading to find out how you can remove Bright Tab browser hijacker from your computer in a hassle-free manner. 

What is Bright Tab Browser Hijacker?

Bright Tab is a browser hijacking application that is designed to change users’ homepage and default search engine settings to promote tailsearch.com, a fake search engine. 

It also has a tendency to collect browsing-related information, such as IP addresses, URLs of commonly visited websites, entered search queries, geolocations, and so on. Developers of such hijackers then share this collected data with third parties (potentially, cybercriminals), advertisers, and data-tracking firms.

More examples of browser hijackers are Dong Page, GameSearcher Pro, and HDSportsSearch. These hijackers and other similar malicious browser extensions usually infiltrate users’ computers through infected email attachments, drive-by downloads, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, or by the installation of freeware from shady websites.

Common Symptoms of Bright Tab Browser Hijacker

You may notice the following symptoms on your computer system if you have this browser hijacker installed.

  • The home page and new tab changes to tailsearch.com.
  • Browser causing redirections to advertisement-related sites.
  • Web pages taking more time to load up.
  • Tons of intrusive pop-up advertisements appearing in the search results.

How to Remove Bright Tab Browser Hijacker?

Performing an automatic scan with a powerful anti-malware software on the compromised system is the easiest yet most effective way to get rid of Bright Tab browser hijacker.  

In addition, you are advised to follow the internet safety tips shared below to prevent hackers from getting inside your system.

  • Pay close attention to End-User License Agreement carefully before installing software.
  • Be very careful when installing free software from third-party websites.
  • Keep your Windows PC and apps up-to-date. 
  • Avoid opening email attachments that come from unknown sources.
  • Backup all your important documents and data to the external storage device.
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