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How to Remove Electron.exe Malware


Electron.exe, the main executable file for the Electron framework, can be infected by malware (a trojan). The infection can seriously damage your computer. Once it reaches the computer, the trojan generates multiple malicious files. This seriously slows down your PC. If you encounter this issue, keep on reading to know how to remove the malware.

What is this trojan?

The electron.exe trojan is really dangerous, as it can act on different levels. It is really tricky, because the Electron framework uses the executable file, for an open-source framwork. This is useful for building apps. But a trojan may infect it and then everything goes wrong.

After finding its way to your PC using the trojan, hackers can get access to your PC. This means that all your files are at risk. Also, the trojan can steal important data, such as bank account passwords, besides the email contacts or the web history. The last level of action is that the malware may delete important system files. This seriously affects your computer’s performance.

How to remove the electron.exe trojan?

The removal process for the electron.exe trojan includes many steps. Still, these should help you get rid of it.

1. Open the Windows Task Manager.

2. Search for the malicious process by its name.

3. Right-click on it.

4. Click on the End Process/End Task.

5. Access the Control Panel>Programs.

6. Search for the malicious app related with the trojan’s name.

7. Right-click on it.

8. Choose Uninstall.

After these steps, you can go and delete the extension from your browser. The guide here is for the Chrome browser, but it is quite similar for all the browsers.

1. Access the Chrome browser menu.

2. Choose More tools > Extensions.

3. Identify the extension related to the trojan, by its name.

4. Click the Remove button.

The next thing is to uninstall any malicious programs related to the trojan:

1. Type Registry editor in the Windows search bar.

2. Press CTRL+F and insert the virus name in the pop-up window.

3. When the search is complete, right-click the folders related with the virus.

4. Click the Delete button.

The last thing is to reset the browser. Again, this is for the Chrome browser, but this works quite similarly for all the browsers:

1. Open the Chrome menu.

2. Choose Settings

3. Choose Reset and clean up from the left menu.

4. Choose Restore settings to their original defaults.

5. Click the Reset settings button.

These steps should help you get rid of the trojan. If the virus is still on your computer, we recommend you download an anti-malware solution from a trusted source.

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