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How to Remove ‘K2 Ransomware’ from Your Computer – Security Tips


‘K2’ Ransomware is a recently detected file-encrypting virus that prevents victims from accessing their files until the demanded ransom is paid. If you’re curious to know more about it, then you’ve come to the right place. Through this post, we’ll tell you about the methods hackers use to spread K2 ransomware as well as important tips on how to protect against it. Read on to know more.

What is K2 Ransomware?

K2 ransomware is a type of malware that evades the security vulnerable systems and encrypts (locks) all the documents/files found on the victim’s computer, and then demand ransom payment for the decryption software. During the encryption process, K2 renames the compromised files with ‘[helpforfiles@xmpp.es][Victim ID].K2” extension. 

After that, it drops a “!INFO.HTA” (ransom note) text file into every folder that contains encrypted files. 

The K2’s ransom message contains instructions on how to contact the creators of this ransomware. It also states that there’s no way to decrypt your files without buying the decryption software. 

K2 Ransomware: Distribution Techniques

Below are the most common and popular methods that hackers rely on to spread ransomware programs. 

  • Social clickjacking: Prompts users into clicking on malicious advertisements.
  • Spam email campaigns: A vast majority of harmful infections are spread through malicious email attachments and download links.
  • Outdated software: The major parts of the malware infections (e.g., ransomware, spyware, etc.) are installed by exploiting bugs and flaws of unpatched/outdated versions of the operating system and other software.
  • Torrent clients & peer-to-peer networks: Sharing of files through peer-to-peer networks also allows an attacker to distribute various forms of malware.
  • Pornographic & freeware download portals: Adult content hosting sites and third party freeware are major sources of ransomware-type programs. 

These are the common ransomware deployment methods that cybercriminals use to infect targeted users. If you want to keep your important files like work documents, pictures, and music videos protected at all times, then you need to upgrade your defenses and look for ways to prevent malicious programs from infiltrating your system.

How to Protect Yourself Against K2 Ransomware

No doubt, the best way to protect yourself against ransomware and other data safety threats is by using dedicated anti-malware software. Many anti-malware programs available today come with a real-time protection feature that helps stop all malware threats (e.g., ransomware, adware, spyware, worms, rootkits, etc.) by creating a shield around your computer.

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