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How to Remove the ‘Glupteba’ Trojan – Cyber Security Tips


Glupteba Trojan is the name of a stealthy backdoor Trojan virus that is designed to bypass security rules and provide malicious actors remote control over the infected computer systems. Similar to the vast majority of computer viruses, this trojan-type program also targets systems running Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you wish to know more about this malicious program, then keep reading ahead. Through this article, we will discuss the harmful impacts of Glupteba Trojan on your computer as well as tips on how to eliminate this threat completely. 

Trojan.Glupteba: Everything You Need to Know

The backdoor Glupteba Trojan is an extremely stealthy malicious program that is usually dropped by the exploit kits. After successfully infiltrating the user’s system, it permits the installation of other malware on the affected Windows device without the knowledge of its owner. It also has the ability to work as spyware and steal both personal and sensitive information such as browsing history, login credentials, credit card numbers, passwords, website cookies, etc.

Harmful Effects of Trojan.Glupteba on Your Computer

The following are some of the most dangerous abilities of a Glupteba backdoor Trojan on an infected computer:

  • Download and install other programs of this type. 
  • Commit click fraud to generate revenue.
  • Record your every keystroke and the web pages you visit.
  • Accumulate and send your PC information, such as usernames and search engine history, to a remote hacker.
  • Allow attackers to access your PC remotely.
  • Turns your affected Windows into a zombie computer.
  • Shows various malicious advertisements and banners on websites that you visit frequently.
  • Browser popups appear which offer fake software updates for legitimate programs installed on your system.

Tips to Avoid Installation of Glupteba Trojan 

Below are some of the important cybersecurity tips that can help you prevent Trojans like Glupteba from getting inside your Windows system. 

  • Make sure your popup blocker is enabled.
  • Install the latest security patches and software updates as soon as they are released.
  • Avoid downloading freeware from websites that seem suspicious.
  • Avoid using peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing programs.
  • Never download or run email attachments from an unknown or untrustworthy source.

These are some of the crucial Internet safety rules that everyone should follow to stay safe online. However, if you believe that your Windows system is already infected with the nasty Trojan.Glupteba infection, then you can run a full system scan with a strong anti-malware program to automatically remove it. 

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