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How to Remove ‘KOK8’ Ransomware – Security Tips


KOK8 ransomware is a kind of potentially unwanted program from the house of PC malware programs. If you also come across the KOK8 virus, then here you will find some easy methods to remove the same. This malicious tool can affect anyone despite the type or location of the user. 

The ransomware, just like any other similar malware you may have ever come across, is file encryption malware. The malware works by selecting random files on your PC and encrypting them. Once encrypted, you can not remove the malware to access the files. Keep reading to know more about the ransomware, how to remove it, how it affects you, and how it got on your PC. 

What is KOK8 Ransomware? 

KOK8 malware a tool supposed to raise money from innocent people. The tool, as stated earlier, works by encrypting the files on your system. This can be your file or any system file. If you are attacked by the ransomware, you will see an extension with the name .KOK at the end of the file names. 

When you double-click or try to access the files, you will see a message from its creators asking for money. The message will read some kind of message saying that you can not open the file even if you tried. Then they will ask you to pay the money through BitCoin or any other cryptocurrency they want (as it is untraceable). 

The text further reads that when you pay them, you will receive the unique code to unlock the files. (This may or may not work as they are scammers.)

How Does KOK8 Infect Your Computer?

Now you may be wondering how the ransomware found its way to your PC. the reason can be anything from: 

  1. You visited some malicious third-party website
  2. You tried to access pornography, cracked software, etc. from unsafe websites. 
  3. While downloading any form of file from any un-secure website. 
  4. You installed and used some malicious software on your PC.
  5. You opened a malicious link sent to you by scammers through email
  6. Multiple other similar reasons can also be responsible

How to Remove KOK8 Ransomware from Your PC?

If you can see the KOK8 extension in front of the file names, then it means that the ransomware is on your system. To remove the KOK8 virus you can try the manual or automatic method. The manual one is quite complicated hence we suggest that you use trusted anti-malware like antivirus for protection. 

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