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How to Remove ‘Takeoff-Notifications Search’ from PC


 If you are also getting unwanted notifications from Takeoff-Notifications Search browser hijacker, then this means that your browser is hijacked. This browser hijacker will modify the default search engine on your browser to takeoff-notifications.com. From now on, you will see different notifications from the hijacker as well as it will also affect the search results. Keep reading to know more about the hijacker and how to remove it. 

What is Takeoff-Notifications Search

Takeoff-Notifications Search is a malware or malicious program from the house of a browser hijacker. Just like any other similar malware, the Takeoff-Notifications Search takes complete control over your browser and changes its settings as it wants. Hence, this hijacker can be a menace because you can create a lot of problems while working. 

The hijacker will change the default search engine of your browser. After the change, whenever you search for anything on the browser, you will see the search results from takeoff-notifications.com. This is a fake or fraudulent website that does not provide honest search results. Generally, it will copy the results from other trusted search engines like Google.com and yahoo.com. 

Common Symptoms of Takeoff-Notifications Search Browser Hijacker

The most common symptom of Takeoff-Notifications Search that indicates its presence is the change of search engine. If you do not see a change in the search engine, then other factors may appear like: 

  • Ads from Takeoff-Notifications Search on different parts of the browser. 
  • Added browser extension of Takeoff-Notifications Search
  • Notifications from the Takeoff-Notifications Search may also appear. 
  • Direct links for the browser hijacker are also common. 

How Did the Takeoff-Notifications Search Get on My Browser?

The reason behind how the Takeoff-Notifications Search browser hijacker got on your browser can be more than one. These include: 

  1. Getting the malware from third-party software. 
  2. Scam emails and links. 
  3. Add-ons from different software. 
  4. You Allowed some websites to add Takeoff-Notifications Search extension to your browser. 
  5. You clicked on the Allow button to receive notification from the hijacker. 

Other multiple reasons may also be behind the reason. 

Tips to Remove Takeoff-Notifications Search from Windows PC.

The process to remove the Takeoff-Notifications Search is divided into two parts. These methods are manual and automatic. The manual method to remove the hijacker is quite complicated and hard to follow. Hence, use the automatic method which states that you use a trusted third-party antivirus or anti-malware software to protect your system in the future and remove the hijacker.

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