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Tips to Remove ‘Shiny Tab’ Browser Hijacker from PC


If you want to get rid of the Shiny Tab browser hijacker, then this one’s for you. Browser hijackers are a menace to the computer. As we all work a lot on a different browser, these hijackers make it quite difficult for us to work. Browser hijackers take over the performance and functions of the browser. It changes the options and settings of the browser as it wants to gain total control. The major attack is on the default search engine of the browser. 

To gain viewers for their search engine, the browser hijackers edit the search engine and change it according to their requirements. The browser hijackers are coded to do that by the developers. 

What is Shiny Tab Browser Hijacker? 

The Shiny Tab hijacker is nothing but a malicious program. Unlike other common browser hijackers, this malware comes in the form of a browser extension. After taking over your browser, it changes the homepage of the browser. Additionally, the search engine may also get changed. 

You can not get rid of the browser hijacker even after opening a new tab. This extension applies itself to all the tabs you open. Even if you search for anything on the browser, you will get the search results from shinytab.live search engine. It generally copies the search results from other search engines like Yahoo.com and google.com. 

Common Symptoms of Shiny Tab Hijacker

The most common symptom of the browser hijacker is the addition of a Shiny Tab extension of the PC. You can look for the extension in the top-right corner of the browser window. Other symptoms may also be there like: 

  • The appearance of shinytab.live in the search bar background. 
  • Change in the main home page of the browser. 
  • Presence of ads and promotions in various sections of the browser window. 
  • Presence of different items related to shiny tab
  • Change in the default search engine of the browser to shinytab.live

How to Remove Shiny Tab Browser Hijacker from PC?

You can easily remove the browser hijacker with the help of the automatic method. This method requires you to download and use a trusted antivirus or anti-malware program on your PC for protection. Another manual option is also available but that is quite complicated and not built for all. 

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