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Keep Your System Up To Date. Why And How You Should Do This?

Keep your system up to date

No matter what, you should keep your system up to date. This is for your online safety and can make a huge difference in front of any kind of attack.

But it is not only about the system. If you really care about your data and your privacy, you should also use the latest version of all the apps on your device.

Why you should update your device?

Hackers work all the time to identify software breaches. These may allow them to steal valuable data, and use it to make easy money.

But you should not panic! Software and app developers are trained people, who focus on keeping both their products and their users safe. So, whenever there might be a security breach, or villains try to break into their systems, they take the necessary steps.

So, an up-to-date program is a safer program for your device and your data. Keep in mind that they can occur at any time. This means that you should keep an eye on them. But this is not compulsory, as the automatic update options are available for most of the products.

And remember, that the newest version of software, or apps, also help you keep access to your accounts and data.

Tips to keep your system up to date

Now, let’s see what you should pay attention to, in order to stay safe and benefit from your system and apps. As mentioned above, the easiest way to do this is to enable automatic updates.

This setting is going to save you from checking the settings every day. If you set automatic updates, your system will download and install them as soon as they are available. Still, this might request some action from your side. It means that you might need to restart your device. Thus, the updates will fully install.

You can even schedule them during specific times when you usually do not use your device. So, you will prevent any interference of these restarts with your work.  

Remember to the online hygiene whenever you download updates. You have to always do this from official, verified sources. Also, make sure that the email messages about available updates come from these sources.

Keep in mind that any pirated or unlicensed piece of software is usually a source of malware or other security threats.

Never click on pop-ups that lure you into immediately downloading a software update. These are phishing attempts. Although the most used browsers warn you about this, malware that is already on your computer might disable this security layer.

Make it a habit to check for updates. Despite the automatic updates feature, you might still want to be notified when there are new updates.

Do not think about the inconvenience of closing your programs and restarting your device. It is worth doing it, as the updates might patch important security issues. So, check both your system and your apps at least every month.

Choose to take advantage of the new features of the software, and stay secure all the time. Here is the official Windows update page, for you.

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