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Remove Searchnewshighlights.com Browser Hijacker – Security Tips


The cybersecurity experts have determined that the Searchnewshighlights.com browser hijacker is a deceptive search engine from the group of browser hijackers. It operates by making modifications to the default Internet browser settings without the user’s knowledge and generates misleading results.

So, if your search queries are also getting redirected through the address of this fake web searcher (Searchnewshighlights.com), then it is strongly advised to get rid of it as soon as you can from your machine. The guide below will walk you through the step by step process of removing this browser hijacker from your Mac.

What is Searchnewshighlights.com Browser Hijacker?

Searchnewshighlights.com is a type of browser hijacker or redirect virus, promoted via other fake search engines like searchbaron.com and qsearch.pw. Typically, programs of this type make changes to browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox) settings in order to promote shady advertisements, distribute unwanted software, and redirect users to various questionable websites. Additionally, this Searchnewshighlights.com browser hijacker enables its creators to collect browsing-related information (e.g., addresses of visited websites, IP addresses, geolocations, and so on.) and other personal/ sensitive information (e.g., usernames, banking details, etc.).

Common Symptoms of Searchnewshighlights.com Browser Hijacker

If your Mac is infected by a Searchnewshighlights.com browser hijacker, then you may encounter the following symptoms.

  • The home page, new tab/window URLs, and search engine changes to Searchnewshighlights.com address.
  • Frequent redirects to harmful and phishing websites.
  • Search queries entered into the URL bar are redirecting via fake search engines.
  • Automatic download of executable files from dubious websites.
  • Lots of deceptive advertisements start appearing in between the search results.
  • Slow website loading, irrelevant web search redirections, fake warning messages, and more.

How to Remove Searchnewshighlights.com Browser Hijacker?

In order to completely remove the Searchnewshighlights.com from macOS and restore original web browser settings without going through several complicated steps, we recommend running a scan with a reputable antivirus or anti-malware software on the compromised system.

In addition to this, we urge you to follow the below-mentioned internet browsing safety tips to avoid being the victim of cybercrimes. 

  • Carefully read terms of use specified in the End-User License Agreement (“EULA” or “Agreement”) before downloading/installing software.
  • Use the “Custom/Advanced” settings while installing software.
  • Be cautious while downloading free software from third-party websites.
  • Install macOS updates as soon as they become available. 
  • Never open an email attachment that seems suspicious.
  • Backup important files and folders regularly to cloud storage or external devices.
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