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The Dangers of Portable Media Devices. Safety Tips While Using Them


Portable media devices are useful for any device user. But they can hide dangers that not all of us are aware of. Any removable drive can be a direct key for cybercriminals to your details and data.

Of course, we cannot say that you should never use these useful devices. Rather, it would be wise to use them properly and safely. But first, let’s define what removable pieces of media are.

What are removable drives?

These are any pieces of portable hardware that allow their users to store data externally. This means that, instead of storing data on your computer, you decide it would be safer to keep it on a separate device.

Such devices might seem useful, especially when traveling, or when just thinking to keep the data safe.

But here comes the hazard. If you ever lose them, that is bad. All your valuable data becomes vulnerable, not to mention the loss.  

Also, if you happen to find such an important piece of technology, there might be huge risks to placing it into your computer.

No matter if you lose or you find one, keep in mind that they might be keys that open the data. Would you let anyone access it? Or would you access some files that might hide software that jeopardizes your information?

Villains are everywhere nowadays, and they try all the tricks to reach their goals. So, they might use your data on a USB drive to try to make some easy money.

On the other hand, they might just leave such things in different places, intentionally. Thus, they can infect the computers of those who would just use what they find.

But let’s say the drive was lost by someone who did not protect it, and there is malware on it. It means that you will become a victim.

How to use portable media safely?

The good news is that there are ways to avoid all the risks mentioned above, no matter if you lose or find a USB drive, let’s say.

So, here are the safety measures for you to consider:

  1. Always use data blockers when you are not in a safe place. These small devices add a new protection layer between your external drive and your computer. Here is a list of the best such tools, in 2023. Also, you can protect your USB port on your device, using USB port blocker software.
  2. Use a computer that never accesses the internet, to check untrustful pieces of removable media, by plugging them into your machine. Not doing this might put at risk both your device and your network.
  3. For more advanced users, creating operating systems in a virtual environment might be a solution. But is this handy for all of us?

Now, that you know the dangers of portable media, you should be able to safely use and handle them.

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