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Tips to Remove ‘NQHD’ Ransomware – Security Tips


Ransomware can affect your PC in ways you can never imagine. It can be so harmful that it makes it very hard to retrieve the content of the file it affects if it gets on your system. NQHD ransomware is just like any other malicious ransomware and works to bring a nightmare to your life. If you are also affected by the same, then here we will explain how to remove the NQHD virus from Windows PC and everything you need to know about it. 

What is NQHD Ransomware? 

NQHD is a type of malware or potentially unwanted program on a Windows PC. The tool works by encrypting the files on your computer. If attacked by the ransomware, the malware will start looking for different files all over the PC and start encrypting them. This can be your system files or any other file. Once it gets on the file, you can never unlock the file without a proper password. 

If affected by the ransomware then you will see a .nqhd extension at the end of the affected files’ names. When you try to run or open such files. A pop-up will appear stating that your PC is affected by the NBHD ransomware. To remove the same, you need to pay the developers of the ransomware through cryptocurrency. Generally, the creators prefer BitCoin but some other currency can also be there. 

Once you pay the developers, they may or may not send you the password to decrypt or access the file (as you can not trust these frauds). If some important office or personal file gets locked by ransomware, it can be the worst nightmare for you. 

How Does NQHD Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

One or more reasons can lead the NQHD ransomware to your PC. but generally, the reason behind this is spam emails. Sometimes we open a spam email that looks or feels important to us. For example, you get an email from the developer stating that your parcel is on its way but you need to fill out the application to receive the parcel. Then the link leads you to a malicious website. This is just an example of other similar or different reasons that can also be there. 

How to Remove the NQHD Virus from Your PC?

If you need to remove the NQHD ransomware from your PC, then there are two methods to do so. One is manual, which is not easy for everyone to follow. The other is automatic which states that you use a trusted anti-virus program in the future for protection against such threats. 

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