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Tips to Remove ‘Search1.me’ Browser Hijacker from PC


Search1.me browser hijacker is a dangerous computer infection that affects installed web browsers. It is created and distributed by fraudsters in order to inject intrusive ads into the search results and generate pay-per-click revenue from them. According to the cyber security researchers, the Search1.me redirect virus or hijacker operates by modifying the web browsers’ (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) settings. It does this to redirect users’ search queries through a fake search engine address.

Browser hijacker infections like Search1.me usually come bundled with other freeware/ shareware programs that you normally download and install from shady third-party websites. Due to this reason, the Search1.me browser hijacker is also deemed to be a potentially unwanted application (PUA).

Since you are here on this page, we are assuming that your browser search queries are getting redirected through a fake search engine (Search1.me). Keep reading this guide to learn how to get rid of this dubious threat easily.

Search1.me Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

As per the cyber security researchers, this is a potentially unwanted application that belongs to the browser hijackers’ family. After successfully getting installed onto the targeted system, this dubious app replaces the default search engine, homepage, and new tab page with a fake web searcher address to achieve the goals of the developer.

More often than not, this fake web searcher shows search results that are generated by Yahoo, Bing, and other legitimate search engines. It is mainly aimed to include ads or links to affiliated pages in their results so that it can redirect web traffic and earn commission via pay per click (PPC) advertising scheme. 

Common Symptoms of Search1.me Browser Hijacker

You may encounter the below-mentioned signs or symptoms on your computer if your search queries are constantly getting redirected through a fake search engine like Search1.me.

  • Homepage, new URL tab, and search engine settings are altered without your approval. 
  • Search queries are continuously getting redirected to potentially malicious websites.
  • Browser is displaying lots of intrusive ads, banners, or sponsored links in the search results.
  • Computer automatically starts installing unwanted programs, extensions, or browser toolbars.

How to Remove Search1.me Browser Hijacker from PC?

To accomplish a hassle-free removal of this browser hijacker and all other hidden threats at once, you are advised to run an in-depth scan of your computer system with a powerful and reliable anti-malware software.

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