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Tips to Remove ‘SpeedyTabs’ Browser Hijacker from PC


You are advised to remove the SpeedyTabs browser hijacker from your computer as soon as you notice the changes it has made to your default web browser settings. To learn how to do so, you can carefully follow our guide to the end.

According to cyber security professionals, SpeedyTabs is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) from the family of browser hijackers, designed to take complete control over the internet browsers on the compromised system. It makes several unwanted modifications to the main browsers’ (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) settings such as search engine, homepage, new URL tab options and implements the address of its own search engine (speedytabs.com) in their place.

SpeedyTabs Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

SpeedyTabs is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) which falls under the category of browser hijackers or redirect viruses. Typically, when this browser hijacking application gets installed, it hijacks the browsers in use on the compromised systems and modifies some of its settings, such as default homepage, new tab, or search engine options. 

The main purpose of this application is to promote a deceptive URL speedytabs.com as a fake search engine. This bogus search engine is mainly used by fraudsters or scammers to manipulate users’ online activities and show intrusive pop-up ads to earn a commission via a pay-per-click (PPC) scheme.

Besides showing sponsored search results with third-party ads, SpeedyTabs hijacker allows its developers to track and collect browsing-based data that include login ID, passwords, geolocation, search queries, IP addresses, bank account details, etc.

Common Symptoms of SpeedyTabs Browser Hijacker

Following are the most common symptoms or signs your computer system may show in case of hijacking.

  • Home page, new tab, and search engine settings are modified without your permission. 
  • Browser’s search queries are getting redirected through speedytabs.com.
  • Lots of adware/spyware pop-ups and ads keep appearing in the search results.
  • Slow web page loading speed and sluggish system performance. 

How to Remove SpeedyTabs Browser Hijacker from PC?

There are two possible ways to delete the SpeedyTabs browser hijacker infection: one is manual and the other is automatic. Since manual removal requires a lot of time and even a small slip-up can damage the operating system, you are advised to use a powerful anti-malware software to automatically find and remove all the hidden malware infections. 

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