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Tips to Remove EveRed’ Ransomware – Security Tips


If you got this file-encrypting virus on your computer, we suggest you follow our guide in order to remove EveRed ransomware and decrypt your files for free.

Ransomware is often referred to as one of the most devastating cyber threats, that’s because it prevents users from accessing their personal files and forces them to pay a hefty sum of ransom money in order to seek their files decrypted. 

Although the list of ransomware-type infections is very long, this new EveRed is also recently discovered that encrypts almost all file types (such as images, documents, music, audios, videos, etc.) present inside the targeted computer system and throws a ransom note to victims to ask them paying the ransom fee (in the form of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) to its developers to purchase decryption key for restoring their files.

What is EveRed Ransomware? 

According to cyber threat analysts, EveRed is a dangerous file-encrypting malware infection which falls under the category of ransomware viruses. This dubious malware threat is designed by cybercriminals to encrypt all stored files on the compromised host computer and demand ransoms for the decryption.

During the encryption phase, the EveRed ransomware virus is known to append a new “.evered” extension at the end of all the affected file names. For example, it renames a file initially titled “1.jpg” to “1.jpg.evered”, “2.jpg” to “2.jpg.evered”, and so on. 

After this process is complete, it changes the desktop wallpaper and displays the ransom demanding message under the “readme.txt” file. The message within this text file instructs victims to pay one mBTC (0.001 bitcoins) to receive the decryption tool. 

You are strongly recommended to not make any sort of payment to the EveRed authors under any circumstances.

How Does EveRed Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

Following are the most common tactics used by cyber crooks to spread their ransomware-type infections:

  • Spam emails with infectious file attachments 
  • Malicious advertisements or fake error messages
  • Software cracking tools
  • Untrustworthy downloading sources
  • Torrent clients, freeware, or adult websites

How to Remove EveRed Ransomware from PC?

There are two possible methods to remove EveRed virus infection. The first requires you to use a powerful and automatic anti-malware software. The second method requires you to perform the manual removal steps. You can choose either of these methods depending on your convenience. Once the ransomware virus is eliminated, you can take the help of a third-party recovery tool for restoring your files.

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