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Tips to Remove ‘Zeznzo’ Ransomware – Security Tips


Zeznzo (ransomware) is the name of a very dangerous file-encrypting virus classified as a ransomware infection. Like other file-encrypting viruses, Zeznzo is designed to encrypt all types of files (images, audios, videos, and other formats of files) stored in the targeted computer and demands ransom payment for the decryption software. In other words, victims of this malicious file-encrypting virus can’t open or access their personal files until a certain amount of extortion money is paid to the crooks behind the infection.  

If you’re a victim of this type of infection, we strongly advise you against paying any money as there is a high risk of getting scammed by the ransomware authors. Instead, we suggest you follow our guide to learn how to remove this virus and decrypt your affected files for free.

What is Zeznzo Ransomware? 

The cyber security specialists have determined that Zeznzo is a type of malicious program that belongs to the family of ransomware viruses. The main function of this form of malware infection is to encrypt stored files on the targeted computer and demand ransom money to restore access to the compromised data. Like other ransomware viruses, it uses a very powerful military-grade encryption algorithm to encode the victim’s files.

During the process of the files encryption, Zeznzo ransomware modifies the original filenames of the encrypted files by appending a unique “.cryptonation92@outlook.com” extension. For instance, it renames a ‘1.png’ filename to ‘1.png.cryptonation92@outlook.com’, ‘2.png’ filename to ‘2.png.cryptonation92@outlook.com’, and so on.

After the encryption process is completed, it creates a text file named “README.txt” as its ransom note and drops it onto the victim’s desktop. The text presented in the ransom note informs users that all their files are encrypted. The note further instructs the users to contact the ransomware authors via the provided email address to decrypt their files.

How Does Zeznzo Infect Your Computer?

Ransomware-type programs and other malware infections are usually spread by cyber attackers using the following means: 

  • Malicious email attachments 
  • Intrusive pop-up ads
  • Phishing and unofficial freeware websites 
  • Untrustworthy download channels 
  • Fake software updaters 

How to Remove Zeznzo Ransomware from PC?

Since removing ransomware-type viruses like Zeznzo manually is not an easy task, you are advised to use a powerful anti-malware tool to get rid of the infection safely and easily. Once the Zeznzo virus is completely deleted from your machine, you can restore your encrypted files using a third-party file recovery software (if you don’t have any backup data).

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