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Vacation Online Security Tips. Important Things to Know


Vacation online security is essential, even if you leave most of your devices at home. Still, most of us remain connected during our free days, to check our emails, book tickets, or post photos on social media.

So, cybersecurity should remain an important part of preparing for your vacation.

How to prepare for a cyber-safe vacation?

To be ready and relaxed during your well-deserved vacation, you should do lots of things. Of course, you will pay a lot of attention to preparing everything that you need. But you should better not ignore your cybersecurity.

First of all, you should think about travelling lightly, in terms of devices. The more laptops and tablets you have with you, the more you are exposed.

Always set limits regarding sharing your personal information. You should mainly pay attention to location tracking.

Remember to protect all your devices with fingerprints or facial recognition. If you lose your device, or if it is stolen, it will remain locked.

Update your security software, before leaving. Remember to turn on “automatic updates”. This will protect you against cyberattacks.

Back up your files. If you haven’t already, you should do it. In case you lose, break or have your device stolen, you will still have your data.

Remember about the vacation online security, while away

Once you make sure you took all the previous steps, you should still pay attention to your cybersecurity, while on the go.

Location tools might help you find your way, but remember that they also expose your location. Use the location services only when necessary. Also, think twice before sharing your location on public platforms.

Pay special attention to Wi-Fi connections. Although it might seem a little bit costly, it is better to use your mobile data when for payments or sending personal info. You can also use your phone as a personal hotspot for your laptop.

Before posting pictures that show you are away, think that some villains would be happy to know you are not at home.

Keep your devices safe, if you cannot carry them with you all the time. Hotel safes might work for this.

Keep in mind to disable the automatic connection option. This will prevent them from connecting to unsafe wireless networks. Also, your Bluetooth could allow strangers to connect to your device. Disable it for your safety.

Do not share information, with shared devices. Do not use public computers, or if you have to, keep all your activities anonymous. But remember to not insert cred card information or access your bank accounts. Log out and clear the browser’s history, before leaving such a device.

Of course, these are only the most important things to pay attention to, for your vacation online security. You could find more useful things here.

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