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What If Your Account Has Been Hacked? Learn Where To Turn Now

What to do if Your Account Has Been Hacked

If your account has been hacked, your troubles might seem unbearable. No matter if this affects your email address, your social media account or the shopping one. It means that you lose information, personal data that hackers can use, and your work. In some cases, you might even lose your money, if they get access to your bank accounts.

And all these are precious resources for villains, who look for making easy money, all the time. They use it to make purchases using your money, to spread malware or to blackmail you.

So, the security of your accounts is essential. But, if it happens, you should act fast and appropriately. We will show you where to turn if this happens to you. 

How do you know that your account has been hacked?

In order to learn that hackers took control of any of your accounts, you should pay attention to a few warning signs.

Here is what should warn you about this situation:

  1. An email about a password reset. If you did not request this, it means that someone else is trying to access your account.
  2. A cascade of annoying browser pop-up ads, that you haven’t received until recently. Although they might seem just annoying, they also hide dangers.
  3. Your browser searches are redirected to pages that you were not searching for, or you get results for a term you have never searched for. Or, your default search engine is redirected to a different one.
  4. Your computer, internet connection or network slows down. If this happens, this should make you think about having your system hacked.
  5. Receiving ransomware messages means that probably your system has already been hacked. And villains lock your files, to determine you pay a ransom for their recovery.

Now, that you know the main warning signs, we will show you where to turn to solve your issues, for good.

Useful links to turn to

If this happens to you, you need to act fast. In order to do this, it is useful to know where you could get help from. Here are the support links from the most used websites:

1. Google

2. YouTube

3. Facebook

4. Outlook

5. Instagram

6. PayPal

7. Amazon

8. Twitter

9. Yahoo

10. eBay

11. Snapchat

12. TikTok

Now you know how to act fast if hackers managed to access your account. This way, you should know that there is always support for you. But also learn from your mistakes and remember about good online hygiene.

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