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What if Your Amazon Account Was Hacked? Tips to Recover It


If your Amazon account was hacked, you might be pretty stressed. The account is usually linked to a bank card, so hackers may empty it.

So, we tell you how to deal with it, without jeopardizing your money, or your account. But first, let’s see what tricks villains use to do this.

How does it happen?

Hackers use quite the same tricks to hack accounts, no matter the platform. So, here are the most common techniques they use:

  1. Hacked email accounts. Once they do this, they can request a password change on your Amazon account.
  2.  Amazon fraud emails. These are phishing schemes. Attackers pretend to contact users on behalf of Amazon. A click on the fraudulent link or reveal your personal details, they have what they need.
  3. Automated password cracking. Hackers use algorithms with brute-force and dictionary attacks to guess the most common keywords and number combinations. Thus, they crack the code.
  4. Data dumps. These are databases that include records from a database other hackers built, by including credentials they managed to steal.  
  5. Keyloggers are a form of malware. They are pieces of software that reach your computer without your knowledge. Then, they keep track of and record keystrokes while you type. Then, they send the data to the hacker. So, if keyloggers are on your computer and you log in to Amazon, scammers receive your credentials.

So, there are many ways that villains can use. Now, let’s talk about your options.

What to do if your Amazon account was hacked?

If you cannot access your account, it means that hackers managed to gain access to your account. To prevent this, we recommend you activate the two-factor authentication. Thus, the attackers would not be able to get the passcode, which you receive on your mobile phone.

If you skip this, villains can buy gift cards on your behalf, and send them to an address that does not belong to them. Or they can purchase expensive items, in order to resell them.

So, if you suspect your Amazon account has been hacked, you should immediately:

  1. Reset your password. Do this by logging in, and going to the Account & Lists > Login & security. Then, click Edit, next to Password. Go to your email and approve the password change request. Remember how to set a powerful password. Enter your new password twice, then click Save Changes.
  2. Approve the notification you receive then reset your Amazon password and click Save changes

If you cannot do this, it means that hackers have already done it. So, you should:

  1. Access the Need Help option on Amazon’s login page. Then, click on Forgot Password. Fill in your email and/or mobile phone, then click Continue.
  2. Solve the puzzle and enter the One-Time Password that Amazon provides. Click Continue.
  3. Set a new password, and re-enter it. Click Save Changes, then Sign-in.
  4. Once you are in your account, set a new strong password.

If these things do not work, try to contact customer support.

How to activate Two-Factor Authentication?

There are a few simple steps to activate the 2FA:

  1. First, log in, and go to Accounts & Lists. Click Login & Security, and turn it on.
  2. Enter your phone number, then click Continue.
  3. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) that you receive. Click Continue.
  4. We recommend skipping the Don’t require OTP on this browser checkbox.

Of course, you can also choose to use an Authenticator App.

Also, remember that it is safe to remove stored payment information. If they do not have this, hackers cannot access your money. You can do it if you still have access to your account. For this:

  1. Log in and go to Account & Lists.
  2. Access Your Payments section, and click Edit.
  3. Click the Edit button next to your card, then click the Remove from Wallet option. Do this for all your payment methods.
  4. Review your Amazon order history, as attackers may move their orders to the archive.

Remember that Amazon never asks its users to provide login details over email, text messages, etc. Remember to report any scam message to the platform.

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