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What Is BrickerBot: Prevention and Protection Tips

what is BrickerBot

BrickerBot is a fast-moving Bot that results in PDoS – Permanent Denial of Services. PDoS attacks are in their evolving stage and are getting more devastating with passing time. 

BrickerBot is believed to exploit the same vulnerabilities as Mirai, however, it is not as aggressive as Mirai. Continue reading ahead to know more about BrickerBots and the Internet security issues that it imposes in the Internet.

What is BrickerBot?

As the name suggests, BrickerBot belongs to the family of Bots and is specifically designed to consume the processing power of devices to infect multiple devices and take them completely. These devices are then used for sending phishing emails, spreading spams, and committing DDoS attacks. 

Usually, the main purpose of a Botnet is to stay in a device as long as possible and exploit them but unlike this, a BrickerBot is designed to completely destroy the targeted system. 

Bleeping Computer was the first to discover this malicious Botnet and declared that a hacker names Janit0r are responsible for this botnet malware. 

What Steps You Should Take To Protect Yourself From a BrickerBot? 

As per the released facts and figures, BrickerBot has infected over a million computer systems, with IoT devices as its main target.

Here are some useful and workable solutions that you can follow to protect your device against BricketBot malware. 

  • Put checks on your Internet connectivity: It is not necessary to keep your internet connectivity all the time as this gives an easy way to the gray hats and black hats to infect and take over your device. 
  • Change Your Passwords Regularly: BrickBot is believed to use dictionary-based brute force attacks to crack your system passwords. This means that the more complex your password is the more difficult it is to attack it. In addition to this security experts also recommend changing the login credential on a continuous basis. 
  • Update your Device regularly: Developers keep on releasing newer updates to strengthen the security walls of your device and take care of existing loopholes. Ensure that you update the Operating system regularly to patch it against all new age malware and PC threats. 
  • In addition to this use effective DDoS protection essentials. Hybrid, behavioral, real-time, and cybersecurity emergencies are a few DDoS protection methodologies that will keep you guarded against unknown threats, provide real-time protection from zero-day attacks, and block web abnormalities. This ensures that you only receive legitimate traffic on your server. 
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