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Free Forms Browser Hijacker: Prevention and Protection Tips


Free Forms Browser Hijacker, also known as Free Government Forms, is advertised as an application that provides quick access to several popular online forms (e.g., IRS and Tax forms). It also claims to offer several useful features to help users download, print, or submit forms online. Now that sounds quite useful, isn’t it? Now, let’s discuss a few significant things which you have certainly missed. 

What is Free Forms Online?

Free Forms seems a genuine application at least that is what we thought after viewing its official website for the first time. However, in reality, it is nothing more than a malicious browser hijacker that promotes a fake search engine (hfreeforms.online) and acts as a backdoor for other malware and cyber threats.  According to IT security experts, Free Forms is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which changes the settings and home page of the default web browser and gathers various user-system information.

So, if your browser homepage or search queries are constantly being redirected through search.hfreeforms.online or query.hfreeforms.online URL tab, then it means you have Free Forms browser hijacker installed on your laptop or desktop system. 

Below are some of the common symptoms that might reflect the presence of this unsolicited browser extension on your device.

  • Browser’s address bar will display pop-up ads like ‘Looking up Free Forms’, ‘Waiting for Free Forms’, etc.
  • It will change your new tab, default search engine, and browser’s homepage to Free Forms.
  • It will flood your screen with endless notification and ad banner.
  • Web browser suddenly stops or crashes frequently.
  • Frequent redirects to third-party websites which shows fake security warnings, fake update, and error messages. 

How to Remove or Avoid Installation of Free Forms Browser Hijacker?

The majority of potentially unwanted programs such as Free Forms are downloaded and installed by the users themselves. PUAs are distributed via a commonly used marketing technique called product bundling. The download/installation set-ups of the PUAs are included in a program or application as additional offers. Most of the internet users do not opt for the custom installation and read terms and conditions carefully, as a result, browser hijackers like Free Forms get installed on the system.

Hence, the most reliable and convenient way to remove the irritating Free Forms browser hijacker and scan your computer for all persistent and potential malware infections is to use powerful anti-malware software.

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