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How to Remove ‘MoonBrowser’ Browser Hijacker


Our guide below will help you remove the MoonBrowser browser hijacker from your compromised system and restore your default browser settings.

If you are here reading this article, then probably your default browser’s search engine and homepage settings are manipulated by a terrible browser hijacker named MoonBrowser. Yes, the term MoonBrowser is just a new piece of a deceptive browser-hijacking application whose sole motive is to generate misleading search results by promoting a fake or fraudulent search engine URL. Usually, applications of this kind come bundled with other freeware/shareware programs that a user downloads and installs from dubious sources on the internet. 

If your internet browser is showing you bogus results or loading misleading content, then we advise you to remove this nasty hijacking application as soon as possible. 

MoonBrowser Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

As said earlier, this is a deceptive application that has been classified as a browser hijacker infection. Due to the questionable tactics used to distribute MoonBrowser browser hijacker, it is also categorized as PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). As soon as this application gets installed, it starts altering default browser settings to promote the address of an illegitimate search engine.

This notorious threat is designed to generate sponsored search results and run malicious advertisements campaigns on the targeted computer systems. The real objective of developers behind this dubious application is to generate illegal revenue by redirecting web traffic to shady/untrustworthy websites.

Like most browser hijackers, MoonBrowser possesses data-tracking capabilities to spy on users’ Internet surfing activity. It is capable of collecting users’ browsing-related data and sensitive information, including:

  • Browser history
  • IP address
  • Entered search queries/terms
  • Username & passwords
  • Credit card number, etc.

Common Symptoms of MoonBrowser Browser Hijacker

If you have this particular hijacker installed on your machine, you may observe the following symptoms or signs.

  • Default homepage, new tab, and search engine are replaced by a fake search engine.
  • Your web browser is causing constant redirects to phishing or malicious websites.
  • Search results generated by your browser are filled with pop-ups, banners, and sponsored links.

How to Remove MoonBrowser Browser Hijacker from your computer?

To safely remove all the core files related to the MoonBrowser infection and revert changes made to your web browsers, you can thoroughly scan your compromised machine with a strong and reliable anti-malware program.

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